The industry's most
effective reviews solution.

We do it  better.

Authentic ratings and reviews from customers who are keen to share.
This is hot-off-the-press content that creates powerful and proven bonds of trust.

Boost conversion

Nothing convinces like hearing from the convinced.

Reevoo reviews on a webpage boost conversion by an average of 2.7x.

Get the real story

The nuggets of insights contained within your reviews are waiting to enrich your product development, customer service and marketing plans. We’ll help you extract them.

Be found

We turn your customers’ reviews into a flowing stream of fresh, natural content – the kind search engines love. Our partnerships with Google, Bing and Yahoo! bring you star ratings in paid and organic search results and huge SEO boosts.

Search advertisers with star ratings get an average 17% increase in click through rate.

Get involved

We’ll tell you when a negative review or customer query arrives.
You’ll get your chance to respond quickly and transparently to keep your customers on-board and let prospects know you’re listening.

52% of people like a company more when they see a response to a negative comment.

Why Reevoo

More reviews.
Richer reviews.

One thousand reviews on a page are much more convincing than just one. Our methodology generates reviews with more detail – and we take responsibility for generating lots of them.

We collect an average of
20 reviews per 100 requests
well above industry standard.

No chance
of a fake

Reviews are only effective when they’re completely verified and accurate. Working with us means that no fakes get through – we proactively collect reviews on your behalf from confirmed purchasers only.

One size
fit all.

Reviews for your products and the overall customer experience are collected and shown separately, so your prospects have access to the most relevant content as they make their journey.

Fit in
with the decor.

Reviews is flexible enough to fit seamlessly
with the look and feel of your webpages.

your friends.

Reevoo’s Facebook app uses our API to take your user-generated content to where the users are.


Take it outside.

Injecting the voice of the customer into advertising is powerful. Doing it in partnership with a credible counterpoint brand like Reevoo is utterly irresistible.

49% of people who saw customer opinions collected by a third party in an ad campaign would be more likely to buy.


Reviews from day one.

We’ll help you identify target audience members and invite them to review your products pre-launch, then have their valuable content ready for you from day one of sale.

Only 17% of people would buy a newly launched product without reading reviews.

Working with us

Here's how we make it easy.

It’s easy to get set up.

Our implementation team takes you through the whole process, integrating seamlessly with your existing system (we play nice with most platforms including IBM, Demandware and Hybris).


The platform gets to work.

Once you’re set up, the most powerful platform in the industry starts working for you – requesting reviews from your customers at the appropriate time.

Responsibility for results.

Your results are our responsibility, and we work with you to make sure you’re getting the most value from your reviews.

Okay, ready to get started?

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