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We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else – and it shows.

Reevoo’s core ratings & reviews service draws on our extensive experience to collect more reviews with richer content: exactly what you want if you’re trying to engage your customers. But we don’t stop there – our ratings & reviews engine feeds a community’s worth of discussions around your brand.

We insist on transparency. It’s the only way to build consumer trust and confidence; the building blocks of conversion. Our rigorous Amplify™ methodology completely avoids fake reviews and the brand damage that goes with them. It also prohibits brands (that’s you) from removing honest bad reviews – something we’ve found is an instant trust dissolver.

Reevoo product and customer experience reviews are collected and shown separately, rewarding your business for both selling great products and providing great customer service.
Our platform structures data as we collect it, so navigating the back end to find the intelligence you need is a breeze.

What’s in the box:

Over 10 million reviews

Average of 20% review
publish rate



Reevoo content can be shown in a light-box or inline – we’ll work with you to craft a solution that looks great on your website. You’re also free to use the content wherever you wish, online or offline.


Fast Response

We’ll tell you when a negative review or customer query arrives. You’ll get your chance to respond quickly and transparently to keep your customers on-board and shoppers fully informed.


Google integration package

We have a good relationship with Google – they trust our content and you reap the benefits. We provide Google with content that brings you stars in PPC ads and extra visibility on results pages.

Magnify icon


It’s all in the details – Magnify collects individual reviews of your products’ or services’ extra details and upgrades, then injects them along the purchase journey to fuel the upsell.


Photo collection & display

A picture tells a thousand words. Pictures from your customers are just as powerful. Reevoo allows images to be submitted along with your customers’ review questionnaire for extra impact.



Hit the ground running with our review aggregation – if you sell it and we’ve got reviews on our network, they’re all yours.

How Reevoo takes it further:



Don’t limit the benefits of reviews to your website – we’ll help you take the power of public opinion to wherever your customers are, with custom design work and our expertise.



We’ll help you identify brand advocates and invite them to review your products pre-launch, then have their valuable content ready for you from day one of sale.

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