Ratings & Reviews

What’s the difference between a standard ratings and reviews solution and a great one? The answer comes down to independence, methodology, service and commercial impact.


Our core ratings and reviews service brings together a range of features that make great results standard.

This rapid flow of content, made possible by our Amplify™ methodology, gives you seven ways to harness the Voice of the Customer. We collect more reviews and our Trustmark boosts customer confidence because they understand that we’re independent and impartial.

No one offers a more rigorous, more comprehensive ratings and reviews service than Reevoo.


Product Reviews

Genuine consumer reviews boost your sales by an average of 18% thanks to higher conversion rates, larger orders, profitable return visits, reduced cancellations and fewer returns.


Customer Experience Reviews

You don’t just need to persuade people to buy a product. You need to persuade them to buy it from you. Customer experience reviews turn annoying abandonments into rapid conversions.

Magnify icon


It’s all in the details – Magnify collects individual reviews of your products’ extra details and upgrades, then injects them along the purchase journey to fuel the upsell.


Google Seller Ratings

Because of our long-standing partnership with Google, your reviews are aggregated on Google Seller Ratings.


Fast Response

We’ll tell you when a negative review or customer query arrives. You’ll get your chance to respond quickly and transparently to keep your customers on-board and shoppers fully informed.


SEO Boost

The flow of fresh, natural language content from Product and Customer Experience Reviews works towards your search engine rankings and a flow of traffic into your pages where the conversion magic happens.


Social Reach

Let your customers share their reviews on social networks and spread the power and value of your customer voices. Put their words where they have maximum influence with their social groups.


Fully moderated service

Our service is moderated, so we can flag up opportunities for you to interact with your customers – to answer a product query, turn your biggest detractor into your best advocate or get involved in a customer discussion.

If your customers’ voices are important to you, Reevoo is your natural partner.

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