We’ve collected millions of customer reviews over the years. Now we’ve become experts in extracting the messages they contain and turning them into actionable insights.


Our Reevoo Insight module turns your reviews and ratings into a real-time business intelligence tool. Understanding customer sentiment is just the start – it’s what you do with the information that’s really exciting.


Tune in to customer opinion

Discover exactly how your customers’ opinions and behaviour are changing and react with agility. Get the metrics that matter so you can engage with emerging trends and shifting sentiments. Deep dives, quick snapshots, timely insights – it’s all at your fingertips.


Generate opportunities

Your customers are speaking directly to you – now listen to them, and act on it. Improve your service, tweak your offer, make their feedback the basis of your next-generation of products. Optimise your merchandising and reduce inventory too.


See where you stand

Use Insight to benchmark your business performance in the marketplace, and inform your strategy. Make better, more effective decisions based on crystal-clear data-driven customer insight.


Drive uplift across the business

Insight is not just for marketing. It will also drive improvement in sales, customer service, product development, packaging, merchandising and ecommerce. Make them all customer-centric by listening to your customers.

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