Who writes Reevoo reviews?

Every single review on Reevoo is written by shoppers just like you, who actually own that product.
We don’t pay for reviews, we don’t let companies write or edit reviews, and we don’t let anybody write a review unless we can prove they own that product.

We really hate fake reviews. Absolutely loathe them. They’re popping up left, right and centre, but not in our backyard! We’re sorry if you can’t write a review for us because you can’t prove that you own your product. Blame the bad guys, writing fake reviews and ruining it for everyone.

We have a unique way of collecting reviews:

When you buy a product from a company that we work with, they tell us about your purchase and we automatically email you to ask if you’d like to review it. Typically you’ll receive an email 4 weeks after delivery.

If you see Reevoo reviews for something, you can add your review to it under a few conditions, and, sorry to say, by a rather cumbersome process to keep out the fakes. If have bought something from a company we don’t yet work with, you can still write a review, but you have to provide us with proof of purchase. Email us at feedback@reevoo.com and tell us the product you want to review. We will email you back a link to our review questionnaire. You write the review and include a proof of purchase, like a receipt or confirmation email. Without proof of purchase, we can’t accept your review. Sorry. What counts as proof of purchase? We accept receipts, order confirmations, delivery forms and anything similar given to you by the shop where you purchased, so long as it clearly shows the model name or number of what you bought.
Please don’t send us your original paper receipt – you might need it and we won’t be able to send it back. We’re happy to accept (readable!) photocopies, scans or digital photos of your proof of purchase instead.
You can email your scan or photo, or forward your confirmation email to authentication@reevoo.com or post photocopies to:
Reevoo Authentication Department
Friars Bridge Court
41-45 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NZ

Main rules for acceptable reviews:

  • No swearing, or any other abusive language
  • The right bit in the right section: don’t talk about the retailer in the product review, as that review goes to many different websites, not just the retailer you bought it from; put that the retailer section.
  • Don’t mention the actual price, as your review can appear on other websites who will have different prices
  • No spam or marketing material. Stay on topic.
  • This is not the place to file a complaint against the company. We welcome a bad review, but the review is for the public, not the complaints department.

Reviews that do not adhere to these guidelines, be they good or bad, are sent back to the reviewer for editing.

Any questions? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line on shopping@reevoo.com.

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