Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you collect reviews?

We have a unique way of collecting reviews that lets us guarantee every review is from someone who really owns that product.
You buy a product from an online shop that we work with, the shop tells us about your purchase and we email you to ask if you’d like to review it.
You fill in our review questionnaire on and include a proof of purchase, like a receipt or confirmation email.
You register your product with a manufacturer, they tell us and we email you to ask if you’d like to review it.
More detail about how we collect reviews

Can I write a review?

Yes. But only if you can prove you own the product. Our focus is on genuine reviews from real people, so, unlike other review sites, we don’t allow people to just add a review without checking if they really own the product. Most of the reviews you see on the site were written by shoppers who received an email from us after they purchased something from one of our retail partners. So if you bought something recently from, or any of our other partners, keep an eye out for an email from us. Alternatively, send us an email at

More detail about how we collect reviews

How do the scores work?

We ask shoppers to rate the product from 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent) in various categories, tailored to their specific purchase. For example, how they rate it overall, value for money, ease of use, sound or picture quality – anything a prospective buyer would like to know. The score out of 10 you see is the average of all overall ratings by individual reviewers.

How do you rank the products?

When you arrive at a category page, the products are ranked by ‘Most Viewed’. This is a way of showing the products that are most popular across our retail partner network.

You can also use the pulldown menu to sort by ‘Customer Score’, ‘Value for money’, ‘Price (lowest first)’, ‘Price (highest first)’.

Are there any reviews you don’t publish?

We want to publish as many reviews as we receive, good and bad, but there are a few reasons why we might not publish one:

  • The review contains swearing or other offensive language
  • The reviewer talks about delivery or service in the product review section. We want information about the shop’s delivery and service, but only in the section about that! Once a review is accepted, the “product review” section can be seen across any of our retail partners’ websites that stock that product – so it wouldn’t be helpful to talk about the service from just one of those retailers (whether it was good or not). The shop reviews are accessible from every pricing table on, or you can see them on our retailer reviews pages.
  • The review mentions price. Just like service, this might be different for a number of retailers. So we don’t include it.

How do you make money?

We charge retailers for collecting confirmed customer reviews and displaying them on their site. We also collect advertising revenue, mainly from the retailers if you decide to click through and buy something from them. Other advertising revenues come from displaying banner ads and text ads.

How long have you been running?

Reevoo was founded in 2005 by Richard, Ben and Guy. We’ve grown a lot since then and there’s now around 75 of us in the Reevoo office.

Why should I trust your reviews more than anyone else’s?

People trust our reviews more than others for two main reasons. Firstly, they are all written by real people, who have actually bought the product. Secondly, we don’t pick and choose which reviews to use – we publish all the reviews we can, good and bad.

Do you remove reviews from your site once the product is no longer for sale?

No. They stay on our site. So if you’re on eBay and find some interesting product, you might be able to find the product reviews here. Written by people who bought the product when it was still in the shops. If a newer model of the product comes out, the old reviews do not go to the new model, as features may be different. Likewise in the travel industry, if a cottage changes ownership, we do not move the old reviews to the new owner, as so much of the cottage experience depends on the owner. Overall, our principle is : different product, new reviews.

Which retailers do you work with?

The full list is growing all the time. We work with big brand manufacturers like Lenovo and major retailers like Currys, as well as smaller sites that you may not have heard of.

Do you work with any travel companies?

Yes. Quite a few travel companies have opted to have us manage their reviews for them. Sure, there is TripAdvisor, but these clients want to be sure there are no fake reviews about them, so they have opted for Reevoo. You can’t find the travel reviews here on this site, but you can see them on the websites of our clients. See list of travel clients

h2(#automotive). Do you work with any car companies?

Yes. Quite a few car companies have opted to have us manage their reviews for them. You can’t find the car reviews here on this site, but you can see them on the websites of our clients. See list of car clients

h2(#finance). Do you work with any finance companies?

Yes. Quite a few finance companies have opted to have us manage their reviews for them. You can’t find the finance reviews here on this site, but you can see them on the websites of our clients. See list of finance clients

I’m a business owner. Can I get your reviews on my website?

If you’re committed to collecting 100% genuine reviews, then you can display our reviews on your website. Find out more about our services

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