ZANUSSI ZHC916XST/ST 90cm wide Wall Chimney hood reviews

7 customer reviews
Photo of ZANUSSI ZHC916XST/ST Cooker Hood
  • Photo of ZANUSSI ZHC916XST/ST Cooker Hood
  • Photo of ZANUSSI ZHC916XST/ST Cooker Hood

This cooker hood is a good all rounder.

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8.6 out of 10 based on 7 reviews.
Chimney, Extraction or recirculation See full product description

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Some customer reviews of ZANUSSI ZHC916XST/ST

Most helpful reviews

andrew, newbury, berks electrical contractor

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
good design, nice looking
Bad points:
installation instructions not clear, unable to vent out at top
Overall rating 9.0
Design 10.0
Appearance/Style 10.0
Lighting effect 7.0
Value for money 8.0
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9 of 10 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 25 May 2008

Don, Oxford

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Taken first by its stylish and contemporary looks for a modern kitchen I was building, I was concerned about fixings. The product itself works well, does look sleek and is reasonably quiet., not an issue though. My only criticism is about the extra care and time needed to fit it. It attaches to the wall with just three screws, one at top and two at bottom. It is quite heavy so these do need to be robust., if working on a timber frame house, plasterboard fixings will certainly NOT do the job. I had to cut sections out of the plasterboard and insert noggings! Also the method described in the installation leaflet refers to using a short length of metal to prop the base unit against the wall untill all screws have been installed AND the self tapping screws to join the round tubes, the self tapping screws are also structural as without them the unit would fall off the wall in no time! The prop method did not work for me and I resorted to using a long section of wood to the floor instead and temporararily used this to prop the base unit. Once all done however, very pleased will end result, especially on removing the prop and letting weight settle with the final resting position. This might put off occasional DIY'ers though.
Bad points:
Reviewer left no comment
Overall rating 8.0
Performance 8.0
Range of settings 8.0
Quietness 7.0
Value for money 7.0
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Confirmed purchase: 18 Mar 2010

Confirmed purchaser

Score 7.0/10
Good points:
Very attractive to look at
Bad points:
Very hard to hang, feels like it needs more fixings
Overall rating 7.0
Performance 7.0
Range of settings 7.0
Quietness 7.0
Value for money 6.0
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Confirmed purchase: 15 Mar 2010

Product Features

Type of hood Chimney
Extraction system Extraction or recirculation
Width in cm 90
Filter material Metal
Maximum air flow rate (Cubic metres per hour) 550
Number of fanspeed settings 3
Number of motors 1
Type of chimney Wall
Light Yes
Release date 1999-10-30
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