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Withings Pulse O2 reviews

Track. Improve. A “wear it your way” tracker to monitor your activity and sleep, read vital... See full description.

Product Information

product description

Track. Improve.

A “wear it your way” tracker to monitor
your activity and sleep, read vital signs and improve your overall health.

Advanced tracking, every step of the way

Whatever your fitness level or style, the Withings Pulse O2 can help you be more active and improve your health. During the day it captures steps, distance walked, elevation climbed and calories burned. At night, it monitors your sleeping cycles. And when asked,
it measures your heart rate and blood oxygen level. The Pulse O2 offers an empowering experience, as you are able to better yourself by making informed choices.

Every step counts! Start tracking them to know where you stand and to see how fast you are progressing.

The most versatile tracker
Wear it your way

Sport it or hide it! The Pulse O2 adapts to your style.

During the daytime the Pulse O2 can be worn 3 different ways:
- Slap it on your wrist using the adjustable watchband.
- Attach it to your belt or apparel using the clip.
- Drop it in your pocket or bag.

At night, use the wristband to monitor your sleep. As the watchband’s spring bars are standard (18 mm) you can even create your own customized wristband.

Running the good race

Analyze your running in real time with the Withings Pulse O2. When you are jogging, pressing the button once will bring forward the feedback you need: duration and distance.

Listen to your heart
With its 4 LEDs the Pulse O2 measures 2 vital signs – your heart rate and blood oxygen level – giving you a quick view of your health status.

Your heart rate in a heart beat
The Pulse O2 is the smallest device to measure heart rate. It lets you check your heartbeat rate on any occasion: before a date to assess your stress or after exercising to monitor your recovery heart rate.

Start considering your blood oxygen level
Also known as “The Fifth Vital Sign”, the blood oxygen level is an estimation of your blood’s oxygen saturation (SpO2). It is a way of assessing the overall efficiency of your respiratory function.

Faithfully following your nights
Time to go to bed? Place the Withings Pulse O2 in the wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis. The next morning you will have the opportunity to precisely assess your sleep in order to have more restorative nights. The in-app graph shows the different sleep cycles and lists key sleep quality indicators – something more reliable than “impressions”.

Learn about yourself

Sync seamlessly

The Pulse O2 automatically syncs to your smartphone all throughout the day thanks to its embedded Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Each time the data is wirelessly transmitted to your free secured Withings account, it is put into perspective and made available in the dedicated Web and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

See the data come to life

Watch as the Health Mate app breathes life into those raw numbers! The app instantly turns them into easy to read graphs showing trends and showcasing your day-to-day progress. Soon you will have a better understanding of how your body works and how your habits impact your health.

Balance physical activity and nutrition

Master your body’s weight. Simply log your meals in the MyFitnessPal app – the world’s largest food, nutrition and calorie database. Our Health Mate app brings home their caloric equivalents and measures them against the number of calories burned.