Wharfedale Diamond 122 reviews

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Photo of Wharfedale Diamond 122 Speaker
  • Photo of Wharfedale Diamond 122 Speaker
  • Photo of Wharfedale Diamond 122 Speaker
  • Photo of Wharfedale Diamond 122 Speaker
  • Photo of Wharfedale Diamond 122 Speaker
  • Photo of Wharfedale Diamond 122 Speaker

This speaker is a good all rounder.

£229 at 1 retailer out of 422 retailers checked

6.5 out of 10 based on 2 reviews.
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Customer reviews of Wharfedale Diamond 122

Most helpful reviews

Roy , Raunds, Northants. Pop, rock or dance music

Score 10.0/10
Good points:
I have had these speakers now for 9 days, the sound is more open than the wharfedale diamond 10.1 I had been using before. They have a better sounding bass, which they will have, with a bigger drive unit. Overall these speakers are better than I thought they would be. Shame they didn't have the equivalent model in the 200 series. I have read about the finish not being good enough on some reviews. I have to say my speaker are spot on.
Bad points:
Overall rating 10.0
Ease of use 10.0
Sound quality 10.0
Design 9.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 20 Feb 2015

Samuel, Blackburn

Score 3.0/10
Good points:
Nice design
Bad points:
lack of high frequency notes, went on Wharfedale website email the customer service and complain about the 122 lack of high frequency notes about 8 days and am still waiting for reply.
Overall rating 3.0
Value for money 2.0
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Confirmed purchase: 19 Aug 2013

Product Features

Type of speaker Bookshelf
Wireless or wired speakers Wired
Height in cm 35.4
Width in cm 19.6
Depth in cm 29.5
Weight (kg) 7.4

Manufacturer's Description


By scaling up the cabinet and fitting a larger, 165mm, bass woofer, the Wharfedale Diamond 122 is ideal for larger rooms or simply where a deeper bass sound is preferred. The improved sensitivity over the smaller model also means higher volume levels can be achieved by lower powered amplifiers.


The new bass driver is formed from woven Kevlar and has ribs for added rigidity. When combined, this gives the speaker a superbly accurate and precise sound quality. Vocals sound more realistic than you’d believe for a speaker of this price and the bass is upbeat and never lagging behind the rest of the mix. At the other end of the scale the treble unit is now surrounded by a deeply dished waveguide. This helps to improve the imaging and ‘width’ of sound, making it easier to pick out individual instruments. The treble also provides loads of detail without ever sounding unrefined. Put together, the overall sound quality is fantastically well-balanced and natural with a sense of realism that you might not expect from a speaker of this class.


For the first time on any Diamond-range speaker, the 122 features a new style of bass reflex porting. Rather than using a simple front or rear mounted port, the 122 ports the bass via an integral plinth. This not only provides a more efficient and even bass output but also makes the speaker easier to place as you don’t have to take wall positioning into account. Finally, the speakers are bi-wirable, allowing you the option of using a 4-cored cable for even greater detail.

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Wharfedale Diamond 101C Centre Speaker (Blackwood)
Wharfedale Diamond 101C Centre Speaker (Blackwood)


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  • £229 at 1 retailer out of 422 retailers checked

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