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Viewsonic VP2365-LED reviews and prices: : 23" Monitor

The VP2365- LED is one of ViewSonic’s new LCD VP professional series monitors that utilizes the power of... See full description.
  • 23"
  • LED screen

Product Information

product description

The VP2365-LED is one of ViewSonic’s new LCD VP professional series monitors that utilizes the power of IPS panel technology. Featuring Mega high contrast ratio and XtremeView™ 178/178 degree viewing angles and coupled with 1920×1080 resolution, makes the VP2365-LED the ultimate professional grade LCD monitor for medical facilities, scientific design, digital visual art, video production, architecture and any application where true color and total screen viewing is essential. Features VGA and DVI inputs and 4-port USB hub for cluster free connectivity, ergonomic functions with pivot, height adjust, tilt, swivel and slim bezel make the VP2365-LED an all around amazing monitor.

Key Features:

23-Inch widescreen LED backlit monitor for photographers, designers, CAD/CAM engineers, and medical applications
IPS panel delivers superior image quality, accurate colors and high contrast ratio even at super wide viewing angles of 178°
Eco-mode saves up to 40% energy* while helping reduce your energy bill
Slim Bezel designed for multi-monitor applications
4-port USB hub for easy connectivity of USB devices such as digital cameras, USB flash drives and mice
100mmx100mm VESA® compliant for 3rd party wall mount or monitor stands
DVI and VGA inputs for diverse connectivity options
Highest grade panel with one of the best pixel performance policy in the industry

IPS (in-plane switching) technology is the highest performance panel technology available in the LCD displays. The specifications and details of IPS panel technology are considered best for high accuracy in color, contrast and wide viewing angles. IPS panels offer excellent picture reproduction and suitable for photography, graphics design, movie production, CAD/CAM engineering, medical and security applications. Illustrations below represent how an image on your screen will look even at extreme viewing angles of up to 178°. With IPS panels, you will not have any color shifts or changes in the contrast ratio when you move the image across the screen or change your viewing angle.

Full HD Resolution
VP2365-LED features a 23” widescreen with 1920×1080 resolution that is capable of displaying a native Full HD 1080p image. In today’s world, Full HD capable devices are getting more and more common which in return increases the demand for 1080p content. In order for graphic designers and movie producers to work more efficiently on 1080p content, a display that natively supports this resolution becomes essential.

ViewSonic VP2365-LED’s 23” panel offers another new trend in the LCD panel market – 16:9 aspect ratio. This new aspect ratio not only natively supports Full HD 1080p content but also in a “non-distorted” way. For example, a 1920×1200 resolution monitor will also support Full HD 1080p but it will either stretch it to fit into a full screen or show blank side bars to avoid distortion. With a 16:9 aspect ratio panel, you will get the most out of your HD content since HD contents are natively designed in this format.

product specification
Screen size 23"
Type of screen LED screen
Connections DVI
Connections VGA
Connections USB
Response time 6 Milliseconds
Contrast Ratio (X:1) 1000:1 contrast
Screen aspect ratio 16:9 screen format
Horizontal resolution 1920 Pixels
Vertical resolution 1080 Pixels
Brightness 250 Candela per square metre
Weight (kg) 5.4