Toshiba Satellite P775-112 reviews and prices: 17.2" Laptop computer

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This laptop is a good all rounder.

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8.0 out of 10 based on 10 reviews.
Toshiba Satellite P775-112 with Intel Core i7 i7-2670QM Quad Core Processor, 8GB of Memory and 750GB Storage on Windows 7 Home Premium. DVD drive See full product description

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Some customer reviews of Toshiba Satellite P775-112

Most helpful reviews

Frank, essex General home user

Score 10.0/10
Good points:
Bad points:
Overall rating 10.0
Battery life 10.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 31 Dec 2011

hwida, coventry student

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
keyboard is good and keys feel sturdy. sound quality is excellent. size of screen is very good as it allows for several applications to be opened at the same time. I loved the way it automatically installed my wireless printer.
Bad points:
size of font varies unpromptidly especially when online. I do not like the so many Toshiba software on the laptop, which feels rather intrusive. the touchpad is not in the middle of the touchpad which makes it tricky to use comfortably. picture resolution is not very good. Battery life is over 30 minutes shorter than it should. a message telling about vibration detected keeps appearing every time the laptop is moved even very slightly. It does not have a second hard drive. After one week of use, mouse started to freez. Having had similar problems with my previous laptop 'Dell Latitude', I did not wish to wait and find out the painful way whether such signs are an indication of yet worse to come. I decided to send it back. An expert told me that laptops of this make might work well only for less than two years. I certainly did not want to find out myself.
Overall rating 8.0
Battery life 8.0
Design 8.0
Size and weight 8.0
Performance 8.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 23 Dec 2011

Janse , London Business user

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Nothing bad to say about the product so far - excellent spec., value for money. Overall very satisfied. I've been using it as a desktop replacement at the moment, so haven't properly tested the battery life, but I am sure it will be just as good as the rest of the product!
Bad points:
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 8.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 9.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 21 Nov 2011

Pip, Greenwich Music, gaming or video fan

Score 7.0/10
Good points:
Material used makes it light to carry; screen nice and bright; keyboard decent size; amazing specs- can run high end gaming!; tried really hard on speaker boost- sounds pretty ok for a laptop; sleep n' charge-very handy when wanting to charge phone/i-pad etc... without having laptop on; user guide; create recovery disk reminder; windows 7!!
Bad points:
no TV tuner-for the price you pay, you would expect this to be there; fault with media center and msn videoing not being compatible; need to upgrade graphics card and know what settings to use to obtain high end graphics for game- not obvious to all;plastic material- looking cheap, however, this helps in making the laptop easier to lift and carry! annoying sound from the short cut key buttons.
Overall rating 7.0
Battery life 5.0
Design 7.0
Size and weight 8.0
Performance 9.0
Value for money 7.0
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Confirmed purchase: 07 Jan 2012

John, Angus, Scotland Music, gaming or video fan

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
I bought this computer firstly to do dvd production in SD and HD from HD camcorder files. It is one of the cheapest laptops with a blu-ray rewriter. I have produced dvds in SD and HD from a project with large video files using PowerDirector 10 Ultra and all went well. Apart from that I've only done internet work and word processing - it does that well also, no problems, as you would expect.
Bad points:
Haven't found any yet. I can't answer the battery life question as always have had it plugged into the mains, so far.
Overall rating 9.0
Design 9.0
Size and weight 9.0
Performance 8.0
Value for money 9.0
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Confirmed purchase: 07 Dec 2011

Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 17.2
Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
RAM (Gigabytes) 8
Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 750
Number of cores Quad
Processor brand Intel
Processor series Core i7
Processor number i7-2670QM
Connections Bluetooth
Connections Wireless
Built-in disc drive DVD drive
Built-in disc drive Blu-ray drive
Built-in disc drive CD-ROM drive

Also known as: Satellite P775-112

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