Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109 reviews and prices: 15.6" Laptop computer

15 customer reviews
Photo of Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109 Laptop
  • Photo of Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109 Laptop
  • Photo of Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109 Laptop

This laptop is a good all rounder.

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8.3 out of 10 based on 15 reviews.
Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109 with , and on . See full product description

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Some customer reviews of Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109

Most helpful reviews

Alihusein, Birmingham

Score 6.0/10
Good points:
A very good performance laptop with Ultra Hd resolution . The keyboard is amazing and it feels good when typing .

Touch screen is very user friendly.

The screen is very reflective , so when watching movies , the dark scenes can get very annoying as you're practically starring at your own face.
Bad points:
The battery life inst the most impressive thing about the laptop . would give you a best of 2 hours at high performance.

The model i have does not have a backlit key board , it would have been great if they implemented that on all these models.
Overall rating 6.0
Battery life 4.0
Design 7.0
Size and weight 6.0
Performance 8.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 29 Nov 2015

Paul, Ashford, Kent General home user

Score 10.0/10
Good points:
This laptop simply looks stunning and has a high class feel about it, as the outer casing and inlay is all metal which is enhanced by the spill-resistant keyboard, which is a delight to use, due to the responsiveness and light touch that is required of the keys.
The finger/ mouse pad has "Palm-Resistance", built in which makes it a joy to use! Even with my large hands...
Start up time takes barely 10 seconds and I have had no problems using any off the applications that came pre-installed and off those that I have installed my self. The built in Blu-ray player copes incredibly well, without any judder even on the most demanding films such as (Transformers) and as for the 4K display, well this speaks for it`s self as it is just a visual delight! I can find no faults with this laptop at all!
But my only "Gripe", is that there is no back-lit keyboard, which I know is a bit gimmicky, but it would have just been a nice touch to have had.
Bad points:
None at all...
Overall rating 10.0
Battery life 7.0
Design 10.0
Size and weight 10.0
Performance 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 13 Jan 2016

Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 15.6

Also known as: Satellite P50t-C-109, Toshiba Satellite P50t-C

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Manufacturer's Description

Every detail is clear on the 39.6 cm (15.6") Ultra HD 4K touch display*, at a stunning 3840 × 2160 screen resolution with an incredible 282 pixels per inch. Ultra HD technology means you get four times the pixels of Full HD for four times the clarity, so details are more noticeable and text is razor-sharp. With intelligent Chroma Tuneā„¢ colour calibration, you can select the best colour space for your content and give cinematic colour quality to your mobile multimedia experience. The Satellite P50-C is also available with a Full HD 1080p IPS or an HD display for a clearly defined viewing experience.

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