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Toshiba 42XV635 TV reviews and prices: 42" Full HD 1080p LCD screen

The new REGZA 42XV635 combines HD Ready 1080p picture processing with a stylish contemporary black high-g... See full description.
  • 42"
  • LCD screen

Product Information

product description

The new REGZA 42XV635 combines HD Ready 1080p picture processing with a stylish contemporary black high-gloss design. The 42XV635 features Resolution+ technology which enhances edge detail and texture to upscale standard definition content to near high definition quality providing clearer, sharper, richer images. The 42XV635 delivers an amazing 100 frames per second thanks to Active Vision M100 HD Pro picture processing technology. Integrated Dolby Volume stops those annoying changes in volume levels as you switch between channels or your home entertainment systems, to provide a consistent volume level at all times.

Meta Brain
Not all TV’s are born equal. Meta Brain is Toshiba’s unique processing chip that acts as the brain of TV. Meta Brain drives certain features and technologies on REGZA LCD TVs such as Resolution+ and AutoView as well as variations of Active Vision picture processing and Dolby Volume.

Auto View
Auto View not only takes into account the room lighting but also analyses the content being shown in real time. The ambient light sensor constantly adjusts the LCD’s backlight depending on the lighting condition in the room to provide a better viewing experience. In light rooms backlight is increased, in dark rooms backlight is dimmed.

This system doubles the number of pictures projected on screen per second compared to 50Hz by simply repeating each frame. This process eliminates the flicker naturally occurring at a lower scanning speed.

4 x HDMI
High-Definition Multimedia Interface is an all-digital audio/video interface capable of transmitting uncompressed streams. HDMI provides an interface between any compatible digital audio/video source and video monitor.

Audio Description
Audio Description (AD) provides a running commentary for viewers who are visually impaired and will benefit from the commentary. AD is available on selected Digital/ Freeview programmes.

Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus is the next-generation audio technology for all high-definition programming and media. It combines the efficiency to meet future broadcast demands with the power and flexibility to realize the full audio potential of the upcoming high-definition experience. With Dolby Digital Plus, you get even higher quality audio, more channels, and greater flexibility.

Game Mode
A dedicated setting for Gaming enthusiasts. Select “Game Mode” when connecting your HDMI games console, the picture will automatically adjust to offer a more natural gaming picture. Offering the online gamer a distinct advantage over your rivals who don’t have a dedicated Game Mode.

Resolution Plus
Resolution+ allows your LCD TV to display standard definition images at near high definition, with improved edge detail and better textural content of the final image.

Active Vision M100HD Pro
Active Vision M100HD Pro technology creates new frames to appear between the original transmitted frames. It uses 360 degree motion estimation, complex mathematics and 10-bit video processing to calculate the movement required by each pixel Each frame is only held on screen for 1/100th of a second to eliminate pixel drift and reduce blurring. The result is seamless motion.

Full HD Ready 1080p
The highest definition signal currently available carries which 1080 horizontal lines of information progressivvely scanned to create a high definition image (1920 × 1080).

Dolby Volume
Available on selected REGZA models, Dolby Volume automatically adjusts the sound level so you don’t have to. Dolby Volume stops those annoying fluctuations in volume during commercial breaks and when switching between channels or sources such as your DVD player or games console. This feature eliminates the need to keep reaching for the remote control to adjust the volume during every commercial break, providing a more enjoyable viewing experience. Dolby Volume also provides a full and consistent sound experience at all volume levels, even low volume.

Full Power Down
Your Toshiba LCD TV can now be fully turned off when you do not want to leave it on stand by mode.

Eco Panel
A specially designed LCD panel that is designed to consume less power than a conventional LCD TV. Eco-panels consume less power whilst still producing a stunning picture quality.

Digital Approved Product
Allows a TV to receive free-to-view digital broadcasts through its standard aerial with no need for an additional digital decoder box.

product specification
Screen size 42"
Type of screen LCD screen
3D No
HD TV Full HD 1080p
Built-in disc player No Disc Player
Freeview or Freesat tuner Freeview
Number of HDMI ports 4 HDMI ports
Number of scart ports 2 Scarts
Connections HDMI
Smart TV No
Frequency 100Hz
Response time 8 Milliseconds
Screen aspect ratio 16:9 screen format
Contrast Ratio (X:1) 50000:1 contrast
Reflection angle 178 degree viewing angle
Horizontal resolution 192 Pixels
Vertical resolution 1080 Pixels
Brightness 450 Candela per square metre
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Yes
Headphone Socket Yes
Weight (kg) 20.3
Release date 20 Apr 2009