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  • Photo of Sony MZNH900 Minidisc Player
  • Photo of Sony MZNH900 Minidisc Player
  • Photo of Sony MZNH900 Minidisc Player

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Also known as: -SONY MZNH900


Manufacturer's Description

Hi-MD WALKMAN with large LCD and jog dial for easy navigation. Hi-MD is Sony’s next generation of MiniDisc player, providing high capacity, high speed and high versatility. It has all the same functinality as NetMD, still giving you the ability to download from the internet or convert your CD collection onto MiniDisc, but it also has the added bonus of increased stroage capacity.
Hi-MD players are compatible with 1 Gb MiniDisc’s providing extraordinary music storage capabilities up to 45 CDs can be stored on a 1Gb disc!Conventional MiniDisc’s can also be used in Hi-MD players and using the Hi-MD format, their storage capacity can be doubled.Plus, Hi-MD has the added functionality to store other data formats such as video and PC data files providing you with maximum storage capabilities and maximum style.

Store 1GB of audio and/or data on a single disc;The new 1GB high-capacity Hi-MD disc can store an extraordinary amount of music – up to 45 CDs onto one 1GB disc (using ATRAC3plus technology). By using the new linear PCM mode you can record and playback uncompressed music, preserving its full audio quality. Hi-MD discs can store not only audio, but also video and PC data files. The Hi-MD format can be applied to conventional MiniDiscs, approximately doubling their capacity. And the SonicStage software allows easy management of your music collection and speedy up- and download of tracks from and to your Hi-MD Walkman. You can simply drag and drop your data files using Windows Explorer as your PC will reconize the Hi-MD as a external mass storage device; No drivers needed! Your Hi-MD discs are extremely cheap, small and versatile. Unlike CD’s these disc are much smaller, about a 1/3 of a size of a CD, they come in a plastic protection case and they are rewriteable.

Fast 100x downloads;You can download music data edited with “Hi-MD” compatible software “SonicStage*1” to “Hi-MD” at a speed of up to 100x*2 real-time. You can quickly create your own compilation disc using this easy operation. With these fast speeds you can spend more time downloading your music from the internet. You can download a CD in as fast as 40 seconds. (1 “SonicStage” bundled with “Hi-MD” products,supports this functionality). (2 The speed at which ATRAC3plus 48kbps transfers data from PC to Hi-MD device). Additional time will be required for data storage. Also note that transfer speed will differ depending on the performance of the computer.

Advanced Microphone recordings with PC uploads;In addition to the popular PC to MD download function that was already available on “Net MD”, with “Hi-MD”, it is now possible to upload music data to a computer. A transfer speed of up to 100x* real-time makes network music even better. By using “Hi-MD” compatible software “SonicStage*”, you can upload music recorded on a disc to a computer. The ability to transfer data to other discs from the computer increases usage versatility.

Now you can record your lectures, interviews, band practices and any other microphone recordings onto your Hi-MD and upload them back onto the PC. Your Hi-MD walkman has some great functions for your microphone recordings; it comes featured with a microphone power input, the ability to change the recording levels, auto track marking and enjoy the long battery life of your walkman.

Further to this you can also record in a uncompressed mode to sustain the highest possible audio quality. Linear PCM mode is compatible with digital, analog, and microphone recording; you can record and play back in high quality sound, without compressing the original sound source. This function can be used in various ways such as recording a music performance.

  • Transfer speed from a computer to “Hi-MD” with ATRAC3plus at 48kbps.;* “SonicStage” bundled with “Hi-MD” products, supports this functionality.

Small size but Long battery life of 37 hours;Fit your Hi-MD walkman in your shirt pocket, it is so small and light that you will not notice the weight but only notice the high quality audio. Enjoy up to 37 hours of battery life with the supplied rechargeable battery. You will never need to worry about your unit’s battery life again. Charge your unit once with the supplied AC adapter and you can listen to uninterrupted music for up to 2 weeks if you use your unit for 2 hours a day. While connected to your PC for music/data downloads by your USB, your USB port will provide power to the unit to save on battery life and uninterrupted downloads.

High quality audio and record from multiple sources;“Hi-MD” adopts high-quality sound linear PCM and ATRAC3plus (256kbps). ATRAC3plus captures sound quality comparable to CD at a high compression rate, while recording with linear PCM produces uncompressed sound that provides enhanced quality and enjoyment when recording and playing back. Hi-MD allows multiple storage compressions; you can mix and match the compressions on the disc for seamless playback. Below is a table with the compression types and the storage times associated with them.

Your Hi-MD walkman is not dependant on your PC. You can record from multiple sources including your HiFi, DVD, radio and basically any source that has a line output or optical output. You can also record from your microphone! When your recording has been complete, you have the choice to edit your tracks on the unit itself or on your PC. In the case where you are not near a PC, you can split, combine, delete, delete all and name your tracks from the unit.

Easy to use play and search options;Your Hi-MD walkman comes built in with a lot of great playing options and search functions to improve your listening experience and looking for your songs much easier. Your Hi-MD walkman has an easy to use navigational system and for your ease of use it comes with a remote so you do not have to pull out your unit to perform simple functions.

Your Hi-MD walkman features sound control options (6 band equalizer), Auto Personal Disc Memory, Group function, Bookmark function (up to 2047 tracks), AMS (Auto Music Search) and multiple playback options (Repeat, shuffle, program and more). With the advanced search option you can select to listen to all the songs from the same artist or album.

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