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Photo of Sony ICD-MX20 Dictation Machine
  • Photo of Sony ICD-MX20 Dictation Machine
  • Photo of Sony ICD-MX20 Dictation Machine
  • Photo of Sony ICD-MX20 Dictation Machine

This dictaphone is a good all rounder.

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Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Voice files can be very easily downloaded and transcribed on the computer (as long as you have decent voice recognition)
Bad points:
Reviewer left no comment
Overall rating 8.0
Battery life 7.0
Weight 9.0
Recording time 9.0
Editing functions 7.0
Value for money 7.0
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Review date: 30 Jan 2010

Ricky, London I use the ICD-MX20extensively

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
High quality manufacture, good versatility and ease of use. Takes high capacity memory sticks.
Bad points:
Screen too small, hard to read without perfect eyesight. Would be better with the screen half as big again Battery life limuted even with best batteries so you need to carry spares. No beep when batteries have expired.Would be better if the body was bigger with space for more batteries either 3xAAA or 2xAA.
When moving files between folders with many messages they dont arrive in date order
No voice editing software compatable with Mac OS.
Overall rating 8.0
Battery life 3.0
Weight 10.0
Recording time 10.0
Editing functions 6.0
Value for money 5.0
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Confirmed purchase: 15 Jun 2011

John, Lower Stondon Beds

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
A lovely little toy like, machine it is tiny and easily concealed/carried
good quality sound recorded, a well designed machine
Bad points:
it is tiny, too tiny, I can hardly use it. the display is too small and the charecters thereon are for young eyes only
for such a nice product it makes one angry that it cant be easily used,
nothing in the advertising prepared me for its size. the other machines as good, are 4 times the size and easily used
this one would fit in an average match box!
I am not keen on the control method either as it is too easy to misuse. a sort of joystick set up. the display isn't great it isn't as clear as I'd like.
very disappointing as now I've tried I am unlikely to use it much
Overall rating 9.0
Battery life 9.0
Weight 10.0
Recording time 7.0
Editing functions 5.0
Value for money 5.0
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Review date: 02 Feb 2010

Peter, Salisbury UK

Score 5.0/10
Good points:
The apppearance of the MX20 and the neatness of its control is excellent. The sound is wonderful and the earphones are exceptional. It has a strong outer case and in all is a masterpiece of design.
Bad points:
The manual is printed in far too small a font. The only way of reading it is by downloading it from Sony's site. I find difficulty in editing the recording, and finding an earlier 'start' position.
The many options on offer make it quite a complex machine and I found it quite difficult to get into a desired subfolder, say Folder 003/003.
I would recommend it to someone who has nimble finger and excellent eyesight.
Overall rating 5.0
Battery life 8.0
Weight 10.0
Recording time 8.0
Editing functions 3.0
Value for money 4.0
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Review date: 01 Feb 2010

We searched for this product high and low,
from House of Fraser to Tesco,
no one is selling it, we're sorry to say,
not 366 retailers nor anyone on eBay,
but please don't worry even if it hurts,
you can look for alternatives or

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