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Sony HT-CT60BT 2.1ch reviews

This Sony HTCT60BT. CEK Soundbar comes with an external subwoofer and features Bluetooth technology for ea... See full description.
  • Soundbar
  • Wireless

Product Information

product description

This Sony HTCT60BT.CEK Soundbar comes with an external subwoofer and features Bluetooth technology for easy, wire-free connections.

Feel like you’re at the movies
With the cinematic surround sound this Sony soundbar outputs, you’ll really feel transported into the heart of your favourite films and other content.

Sparkling 2.1 channels of sound fills the room and stimulates your ears, making the action seem to explode around you and enhancing your entertainment.

If you aren’t getting enough out of TV speakers, the immersive sound from this high-quality home theatre product is the next best thing to being in the front row.

Huge, clear sound
While the Sony HTCT60BT.CEK Soundbar with Subwoofer outputs 60 W of indomitable, powerful sound through the main unit and included external 30 W subwoofer, it doesn’t suffer from distortion.

Rich, satisfying bass really adds a new level of impact to your movies, games and TV programmes. Really experience those impacts and explosions, hear the urgency in dialogue and feel the hairs on your arms stand up as epic films scores and live concerts roar out of the speakers.

Wireless music enjoyment
Now you can access movies and music without the need for wires, since the HTCT60BT.CEK Soundbar incorporates Bluetooth technology.

Wirelessly stream songs from your tablet, smartphone or PC directly to the soundbar to enjoy clear, defined audio that will really change the way you enjoy your entertainment.

You can also touch your NFC and Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone against the speaker for instant playback. This next level of wireless streaming functionality lets you stream song from a PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Complete your lounge
The Sony HTCT60BT.CEK Soundbar really augments your living room with its fresh, minimalist appearance. Its slim design will really enhance your home décor as it fits in front of the TV as well as being wall-mountable – you can even fit it on a shelf.

Beef up your TV and home cinema sound with the Sony HTCT60BT.CEK Soundbar.

product specification
Type of speaker Soundbar
Wireless or wired speakers Wireless
Power (W) 60W
Height in cm 8.3cm high
Width in cm 94.0cm wide
Depth in cm 7.0cm deep
Weight (kg) 1.6