Sony A77 MKII Camera 16-50mm Lens 5272963 reviews and prices: SLR camera

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Photo of Sony A77 MKII Camera 16-50MM Lens 5272963 Digital Camera
  • Photo of Sony A77 MKII Camera 16-50MM Lens 5272963 Digital Camera
  • Photo of Sony A77 MKII Camera 16-50MM Lens 5272963 Digital Camera

This digital camera is a good all rounder.

£1199 – £1462 at 4 retailers out of 420 retailers checked

9.0 out of 10 based on 1 review.
Sony A77 MKII Camera 16-50mm Lens 5272963: digital SLR camera. See full product description

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Product Features

Camera Type SLR
Resolution (Pixels) 6000 x 4000
Screen size (Inches) 3
Touchscreen Yes
Video recorder Yes
Timer Yes
Weight (g) 726
Flash Yes
USB port Yes
GPS Receiver No
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Manufacturer's Description

Sony A77 MkII Digital SLR Camera + 16-50mm Lens
The Sony α77 MKII is an upgrade to Sony’s polular semi-pro SLT Camera, the α77. Improved features on the α77 II include a new 24 megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor, an incredible 79 point (15 cross-type) AF Sensor and 1.23m dot RGBW LCD screen.
24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor — up to ISO 25600
Breathtaking image quality is yours at 24.3 megapixel resolution, thanks to Sony’s proprietary latest-generation image sensor with gapless on-chip lens design that delivers an extra-wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to ISO 25600, expandable to ISO 50.
BIONZ X image processing engine
This latest-generation engine faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time, as seen by the naked eye, via extra high-speed processing capabilities. Whether shooting still images or video, it enables natural details, realistic images, rich tonal gradations and low noise.
Dedicated AF sensor with 79 phase-detection AF points
Discover the breakthrough autofocusing and tracking reliability of Sony’s newly developed AF system with the world’s highest number of phase-detection AF points (as of 1 May 2014). By spreading the points densely over an area approximately twice as wide as in the α77, fine-tuning the balance between responsiveness and stability, and taking full advantage of the many benefits of proprietary Translucent Mirror Technology (which enables phase-detection AF during live-view and video shooting), Sony optimised subject tracking to stay locked on to your subject even in conditions that professional cameras find a challenge. The α77 II also realises impressive focusing accuracy when a large-aperture lens is mounted, thanks to an F2.8 AF point placed horizontally in the centre of the sensor. Moreover, AF performs extremely well in low-light conditions — as low as EV -2 (ISO 100).
12 fps up to 60 frames with AF tracking
Fast 12fps continuous shooting lets you capture the decisive moment with stunning clarity at full 24.3 megapixel resolution even when tracking fast-moving subjects. Up to 60 frames can be recorded per burst.
Sophisticated AF algorithm
Through exhaustive field testing, Sony developed an AF algorithm that strikes the perfect balance of speed and stability. Highly responsive to changes in fast-moving scenes, it nevertheless stays solidly locked on your subject without being distracted by nearby objects. By accurately analysing detailed AF metering data from the 79 AF points, as well as subject position data that takes subject movement continuity into account, it accurately predicts the subject’s next move to reliably ensure accurate focusing. Tracking performance is even further improved when using the Lock-on AF function, which analyses information on subject colour as well as subject position.
Enhanced in-body image stabilisation
SteadyShot image stabilisation lets you enjoy handheld shooting with minimal camera-shake blur. Built within the camera, it provides effective image stabilisation for any compatible lens throughout the entire focal length range. Camera shake blur is also minimised in the viewfinder and LCD monitor image when you press the shutter button halfway: the image is displayed with remarkable clarity and stability so you can accurately check the focus and frame your subject.
High-contrast, high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder
View every scene clearly in the bright and accurate XGA OLED Tru-Finder, which faithfully displays what will appear in your final recording. High-end features include 100% field coverage, a wide viewing angle (approx. 33) and a high eyepoint (27 mm).
1228 k-dot 3-inch, 3-way tiltable LCD monitor
The bright LCD monitor brings out every detail of your scene at high resolution. It smoothly tilts to enhance your viewing comfort and accommodate vertical framing, as well as shooting from various angles such as over your head or on the ground for a startling view of nature. Brightness is manually adjustable and viewing is clear under direct sunlight thanks to WhiteMagic technology that nearly doubles the brightness of the display through a unique RGBW pixel structure for easier checking of the focus and image details.
Connect to smartphones and tablets with one touch
You can instantly transfer a photo or MP4 video to your Android smartphone or tablet by simply touching it with the α77 II—thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication). Touching your mobile device with the camera can also activate Smart Remote Embedded, which enables remote control of the camera from a mobile device.
Full HD videos
Powerfully vibrant film making is yours with the α77 II, thanks to the latest large APS-C sensor and many of the same features that deliver breathtaking photo quality. You’ll enjoy much clearer videos with less noise and higher sensitivity, as well as rich gradations and beautiful bokeh. Moreover, accurate, continuous tracking and focusing of fast-moving subjects without a time lag is yours while shooting videos because the same full-time continuous phase-detection autofocusing is used as when capturing still images — an enormous advantage made possible by Translucent Mirror Technology. Through area-specific noise reduction and detail reproduction technology, Sony’s high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine achieves supreme detail and low noise. You can record Full HD videos in the AVCHD Ver. 2.0 format at 60p for super smooth playback or 24p for a cinematic look.

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Sony A77 MkII Digital SLR Camera + 16-50mm Lens
Sony A77 MkII Digital SLR Camera + 16-50mm Lens £1199 delivery cost may apply Check

Unknown stock

Sony Alpha A77 II Digital SLT Camera with 16-50mm Lens
Sony Alpha A77 II Digital SLT Camera with 16-50mm Lens £1399 delivery cost may apply

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Sony a77 ii APS-C Interchangeable Lens Camera with SEL1650 Zoom Lens (24.3 MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor, BIONZ X Engine) 3-inch LCD - Black
Sony a77 ii APS-C Interchangeable Lens Camera with SEL1650 Zoom Lens (24.3 MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor, BIONZ X Engine) 3-inch LCD - Black


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