Siemens HB84K552B Oven reviews

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This oven is a good all rounder.

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7.8 out of 10 based on 6 reviews.
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Some customer reviews of Siemens HB84K552B

Most helpful reviews

Peter, Huntingdon Family cook

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
Heats up quickly.
Bad points:
Timing functions a bit messy
Overall rating 8.0
Ease of use 8.0
Design 8.0
Performance 9.0
Features and programmes 9.0
Value for money 7.0
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Confirmed purchase: 26 Oct 2013

Jane, Kent Family cook

Score 5.0/10
Good points:
NB: We have only had the appliance installed for about a week, so there are preliminary observations. The primary good point for us is that the facade nearly matches a Siemens Quantum Speed oven immediately below the new one in the housing. It replaces a Quantum Speed combi-oven. We wanted to maintain the Siemens stainless steel look as we also have an excellent Siemens warming drawer. We also found it fairly easy to adjust the basic settings.
Bad points:
1. Installation: the Siemens Quantum Speed combi oven that this model replaced was plugged into a professionally installed electrical socket with isolator switch. We thought we would be able to do the same with this one, but it must be hard-wired so we incurred an electrician's bill of about £80.00 on top of the considerable price of the new oven. 2) Microwave features: The previous oven had a glass turntable whereas this only has shelves/pans. While we knew that this was the case when we ordered this unit, we preferred the turntable for microwaving . We are probably still on a learning curve as to which settings to use on the new one, but initially we have had some hiccups in figuring out times. For an oven which features a microwave feature, we were disappointed that a glass tray is an optional accessory (another £60 or so). 3) Build quality: This does not seem as robust as the QuantumSpeed unit, for example the knobs seem flimsier. 4) Temperature selection (non-microwave): this is done by turning the dial; again we preferred the digital display on the Quantum Speed.

One general observation: for the size of the unit, the actual cooking space is small in comparison (46 litres I believe), with the rest of the space occupied by controls.

Finally, as pointed out in the good points, these are comments made after using the appliance for just over a week. If we had had an opportunity to see the appliance in store and had known about the hard-wiring plus glass plan not coming with it, I'm not sure whether we would have purchased it. The need for hard-wiring, in particular, could be made more obvious in the product descriptions online ( this is not particularly directed at the website/company from which we purchased the product, as we looked at several sites.
Overall rating 5.0
Ease of use 5.0
Design 5.0
Performance 5.0
Features and programmes 5.0
Value for money 5.0
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Confirmed purchase: 14 Mar 2012

Malcolm, Bridgend, South Wales Family cook

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
good size interior to use for large items. Clear controls and easy clean.
Bad points:
expense compared to my last combi oven, but to get same size as old combi oven, needed to go for this maker, model and size
Overall rating 8.0
Ease of use 8.0
Design 8.0
Performance 8.0
Features and programmes 9.0
Value for money 6.0
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Confirmed purchase: 08 Oct 2012

Product Features

Construction Built-in
Main heating type Convection
Height in cm 45.4
Width in cm 59.5
Release date 2009-08-24

Also known as: Siemens iQ500

Ovens and Cookers Buying Guide  

Manufacturer's Description

Day/night glass and metal fascia
2 retractable controls
Control dials with metal cap
Push buttons
White display with blue indicator lights
Bar handle
Stainless steel handle fixing blocks
Seamless fascia and door frame design
Flush fitting door
Drop down door

Key features
Electronic control
Control panel lock
Automatic safety switch off

Catalytic back liner
Electronic oven clock timer
Automatic on/off programmer
1 interior halogen light
Moulded enamelled oven interior
3 shelf positions
Heat reflective glass

6 main functions:
3D hot air oven cooking, full width surface grill, hot air grilling, conventional oven, microwave, combination operation
5 automatic cooking programmes
5 automatic defrost programmes
10 automatic combination programmes
3 programmable steps

Performance/technical information
Oven capacity: 42 litres
Installation in tall housing
Installation in base unit/under work surface
5 microwave power levels
Maximum microwave power level: 900 W

Standard accessories
Full width enamelled pan
Wire pan inser

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