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SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD 240GB reviews

Super-charge your PC or game console with 24/7 consistent high performance from a global leader in Flash me... See full description.
  • 240GB Storage
  • SATA 3

Product Information

product description

Super-charge your PC or game console with 24/7 consistent high performance from a global leader in Flash memory. Whether you’re a gamer or a media pro, SanDisk Extreme Pro® loads and runs your graphics-intensive applications blazing fast so you can spend your time doing instead of waiting. SanDisk’s innovative nCache Pro Technology optimizes read and write speeds and drive endurance and makes sure your data is stored in the safest place. Extreme Pro SSD is engineered for efficient multi-tasking and workload management, low latency, and consistently fast computing. Easy to install, it runs cool, quiet and energy efficient, so your power bills are lower and your battery lasts longer. And it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Consistent high performance
No stall. No stutter. Innovative nCacheTM Pro Technology delivers extreme performance you can count on, every day, every week, every year.

Pro-level speeds
Extreme Pro SSD delivers super-fast 550MB/s sequential read speeds so you can work, and play, with no delays.

Load and run in a heartbeat
Waiting for big, graphics-intensive apps and games to load is time you’ll never get back. With Extreme Pro® SSD, it’s time you never have to waste.

Trust your SSD. We do.
No other company stands behind their SSD for ten long years. Since we developed the world’s first Flash-based SSD more than 20 years ago, we have good reason to believe in our drives.

Always know what’s going on
With our SSD Dashboard, you always have visibility into how your drive’s performing, what firmware updates are available, and what you can do to maintain peak performance.

Embrace the green
With no moving parts, our SSDs run cool and quiet even when you use them hard. Your battery lasts longer on a single charge, and your laptop has a longer life-up to 33% longer.

Pro-level read and write speeds
Consistent 24/7 performance you can count on
Load and run games, video, 3D CAD and hi res photos blazing fast

Engineered to optimize drive endurance
Huge storage capacities
SSD Dashboard reports drive status
Industry-leading 10 year warranty

Environmental soundness
Cool, quiet, energy-efficient operation
Lower power consumption
Up to 33% longer laptop life

product specification
Hard disk capacity 240GB Storage
Interface SATA 3