Samsung wf8702rsw reviews and prices: Freestanding 7kg capacity washing machine

3 customer reviews
Photo of Samsung WF8702RSW Washing Machine
  • Photo of Samsung WF8702RSW Washing Machine
  • Photo of Samsung WF8702RSW Washing Machine
  • Photo of Samsung WF8702RSW Washing Machine
  • Photo of Samsung WF8702RSW Washing Machine

This washing machine is a good all rounder.

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8.7 out of 10 based on 3 reviews.
Samsung wf8702rsw: A rated, Freestanding washing machine with 7kg capacity. See full product description

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Product Features

Construction Freestanding
Drum size (Kilograms) 7
Type of loading Front loading
Energy efficiency A
Width in cm 59.8
Height in cm 84.4
Depth in cm 60
Noise level (Decibels) 55
Spin efficiency B
Energy Savings Trust feature No
Number of programmes 12
Revolutions per minute 1200
Water control system No
Water Consumption in Litres (60° C) 56
Display of remaining time Yes
Start delay option Yes

Also known as: wf8702rsw

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Manufacturer's Description

7kg, 1200rpm Air Refresh washing machine

The 7kg capacity, 1200rpm spin WF8702RSW is part of SAMSUNG’s new Air Refresh range of washing machines. All Air Refresh washing machines feature the latest in design and technology; the Air Refresh cycle removes wrinkles and odours from your clothes using warm air, while the Diamond Drum helps to prevent ‘bobbling’ thanks to its unique design. Ceramic heaters also feature in all Air Refresh washing machines, giving you 10 years peace of mind.

Air Refresh
Air Refresh is a 30 minute cycle which removes odours and wrinkles from your clothes by streaming heated, fresh air over them. It is particularly useful for refreshing dry-clean only garments, for example freshening up suit trousers. It can also be used to refresh bedding and linen, leaving them smelling clean and fresh.

The Air Refresh range of washing machines have incorporated a heater with double ceramic coating, which makes them less porous and susceptible to hard water scale build-up than standard heaters. Whereas a normal heater has a life span of around 3 years in hard water areas, SAMSUNG’s ceramic heaters will last up to 10 years. The prevention of limescale build up also has cost advantages, as ceramic heaters use less power and take less time to heat up than standard heaters as they get older.

A+ energy rating
The A+ energy rating, combined with the energy saving characteristics of the ceramic heater, makes the Air Refresh washing machines both cost and energy efficient.

Diamond Drum
The Diamond Drum is unique to SAMSUNG and helps care for your clothes and fabrics. The holes in the Diamond Drum are 75% smaller than those in a standard drum and are located deep within a diamond-embossed imprint. The diamond shape collects more water than a standard imprint, meaning your clothes are in contact with water for longer, while the smaller holes prevent fabrics from sticking out and consequently being damaged.

Wool Mark Certification
Now you can wash your woolen garments safe in the knowledge that they will be protected, as all Air Refresh washing machines are Wool Mark certified.

Wide Door
The door has been widened, making loading and unloading larger items such as bedding much easier.

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