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Samsung VU10F40SBDD reviews and prices: Upright vacuum cleaner

Smooth and easy movement The Samsung Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner features Motion Sync Design™ with ... See full description.
  • Upright
  • 2.2L capacity

Product Information

product description

Smooth and easy movement
The Samsung Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner features Motion Sync Design™ with a swivel brush and reversed cambered wheels. The combination of the two features ensures exceptionally easy movement and makes swift and sudden turns much easier. Also, the wheels are big and hollow to enable a smooth motion, so they roll steadily and easily with minimum effort.

Powerful suction that lasts*
The Samsung VU4000 Motion Sync’s innovative CycloneForce multi features a unique interior structure with nine inner chambers that create a multi cyclonic airflow. Its strong centrifugal force separates dust particles and debris from the air and keeps them from leaving the chamber. So it prevents the filter from clogging to maintain powerful suction for a long time. * Tested on VU4000 Motion Sync. Based on internal test conducted in accordance with IEC60312-1-1.

HEPA Filtration
The Samsung vacuum cleaner features an advanced anti-allergy and hygienic filtration system approved by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF). The Hepa filtration not only removes dust and dirt, but also captures of air-borne allergens.

Clean further and stop less
The Samsung VU4000 Motion Sync features a Long Reach Hose that stretches up to 3.8 metres. So it’s easy to clean a large area or move from room to room without having to carry it around or unplug it. And you can also reach to the top of your staircase or other hard to clean areas like curtains and ceilings without changing outlets.

Convenient cleaning
The Samsung VU4000 Motion Sync has different kinds of accessories in Pet Cleaning Kit to suit a variety of cleaning needs, especially for people with pets. These specialist fittings feature different shaped heads that are specifically designed for cleaning pet hair, stubborn stains and difficult areas like furniture, stairs and windows. So you will get great results, with much less time and effort.

Easy to find accessories
Why spend another minute looking for the right accessory? The Samsung vacuum cleaner’s handle includes built-in dusting and crevice accessories. Whatever or wherever you need to clean you can quickly switch to the best tool without having to detach it. So you won’t waste time finding them – and you can enjoy fast, non-stop cleaning.

Easy clean filter
The Samsung vacuum cleaner has a simple, sponge type foam filter that captures dust and can be easily washed and cleaned with water. A quick rinse is all it takes to prevent the filter from clogging which ensures powerful suction that lasts – and great results’. ’ Based on internal data. Regular filter washing is required for optimal performance. Refer to the user guide for details.

Easy to empty
The Samsung vacuum cleaner’s bagless dust bin is simple to empty without spilling dust back on the floor. You can quickly open it with the push button, tip the contents into the rubbish bin and then effortlessly slide it back. Plus it’s easy to take out the filter and wash it with water.

product specification
Shape Upright
Dust capacity 2.2L capacity
HEPA filter Yes
Noise level 87 decibels
Weight (kg) 7.8
Power (W) 1000W