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Samsung U28D590D 4K reviews and prices: : 28" Monitor

Prepare yourself for an eye opening experience The Samsung UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and mo... See full description.
  • 28"
  • 4K screen

Product Information

product description

Prepare yourself for an eye opening experience
The Samsung UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and more with Ultra HD picture quality. A resolution 4 times higher than Full HD and an incredible 1 billion colors bring images to life with unparalleled realism.
A superfast 1-millisecond response time handles even the fastest moving scenes in movies and games, and great connectivity and Game Mode mean it’s equipped for a rich gaming experience. You can do more with multi-linking features like PIP 2.0 and PBP that keep the original source resolution.

Thanks to elegant minimal design, there’s nothing to distract you from amazing viewing.
Discover the detail of stunningly realistic UHD picture quality you’ve never seen a picture this realistic before.
Your UHD monitor has an ultra-high resolution that’s 4 times greater than Full HD, delivering stunning images that use a staggering 8 million pixels. With the highest brightness level of 370 cd/㎡, it’s also more vivid and brilliantly clear. See your 4K content the way it was meant to be seen, with a new level of lifelike detail that makes you feel like you’re really there. Experience the realism of glorious Ultra High Definition. World best-in-class fast response time at 1ms!
Your Samsung UHD monitor can handle all the excitement of action movies, games and sports easily thanks to a faster response time of 1-millisecond. You can see even the fastest on-screen motion clearly and smoothly without any motion blur, judder or ghosting. There’s no lag during gaming, so it won’t let you down at a crucial moment. All the details are right there before your eyes in astonishing UHD clarity and realism. Sharpen your content with UHD upscaling Bring out the best picture quality possible for all your favorite content and make them worthy of your UHD experience.

Samsung’s technology automatically detects the content’s original resolution and improves it with noise reduction and up-conversion to create clearer, sharper images. Thanks to UHD upscaling, it brings all your entertainment and other content up to a new UHD-level. Use only one UHD monitor to see 2 different contents This advanced multitasking technology lets you do things you could never do before.
With Picture-by-Picture, you can connect two PCs to the same monitor and see the desktops of both simultaneously on one screen that’s divided into two. Thanks to PBP and the UHD resolution size you won’t have to worry about losing any of the glorious picture quality and resolution. Plug in your laptop and your desktop and use both easily without needing to keep looking between different monitors – it’s all there at a glance. Enhance your gaming experience with just one button

Get perfect viewing for games with just one touch of a button.
Game Mode adjusts your monitor’s settings instantly to give you an optimized gaming experience. Game Mode smartly detects the changes in scenes, enhances the color and alters the screen’s contrast to make dark spots darker and light spots lighter so you can see all the action at all times.

There is less lag thanks to a faster video response time that ensures that the picture keeps up with action and won’t let you down. Versatile connectivity for all your UHD-compatible devices Your Samsung UHD monitor is perfect for your game consoles as well as your PC.
Thanks to 2 HDMI ports, both your computer and your console can be connected simultaneously, so you don’t have to unplug and plug in each time when you want to switch between them. That means less hassle and more time for entertainment. Thanks to DisplayPort connectivity, your monitor is also ready to connect to UHD-compatible devices and content.

product specification
Screen size 28"
Type of screen 4K screen
Connections HDMI
Connections DisplayPort
Response time 1 Millisecond
Contrast Ratio (X:1) 1000:1 contrast
Screen aspect ratio 16:9 screen format
Horizontal resolution 3840 Pixels
Vertical resolution 2160 Pixels
Brightness 370 Candela per square metre
Weight (kg) 5.65