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Samsung Omnipro CP1395ST Freestanding microwave reviews

Cook to perfection, every time The Samsung OmniPro uses built-in weight and moisture sensors to take the ... See full description.
  • 900W
  • 36lt

Product Information

product description

Cook to perfection, every time
The Samsung OmniPro uses built-in weight and moisture sensors to take the guess work out of cooking

Cooking with OmniSense

Samsung’s OmniSense technology incorporates a multi-sensory humidity and weight system to greatly improve your cooking results. The weight sensor located underneath the oven’s turntable automatically measures the weight of your food before cooking to determine the appropriate cooking time. While your food cooks, the humidity sensor constantly measures humidity levels inside the oven and automatically calculates and adjusts the cooking mode and time settings to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection. With OmniSense, you can leave your oven alone and let it do its job without worrying about over cooking your meal.

OmniPro does the cooking. You get the credit.

The OmniPro’s auto cook function allows you to do more than what you’d expect from an oven. After calculating the cooking time and temperature, the OmniPro automatically selects from 32 preset cooking programmes and chooses the most accurate and relevant option. Auto cook then continuously analyses moisture levels and weight and makes adjustments to the oven temperature and cooking time when necessary. The sensor crusty cook function also adds the perfect amount of crisp on top and bottom, meaning it is perfect for pastries and pizzas.

product specification
Power (W) 900W
Volume 36lt
Construction Freestanding
Main heating type Convection
Grill function Yes
Height in cm 40.3cm high
Width in cm 52cm wide
Number of power settings 6 power settings
Weight sensor No
Type of door Drop down door
Cavity material Enamel cavity
Turntable Yes
Humidity sensor No
Infrared sensor No
Release date 7 Mar 2012