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Samsung HT-Z320R reviews: 5.1 Surround Sound Home Cinema System

Overview The SAMSUNG HT-Z320 can improve the look and sound of virtually any DVD . An HDMI connecti... See full description.
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Wired

Product Information

product description


The SAMSUNG HT-Z320 can improve the look and sound of virtually any DVD. An HDMI connection up-converts DVDs to near 1,080p, so they’ll look great on your HDTV. Auto Sound Calibration (ASC) balances speaker output for optimal 5.1 channel surround sound reproduction, and front / centre speaker cones with bio kelp fibers deliver clearer sound with less distortion.

5.1 channel surround sound
Turn your lounge room into a true home theatre room and surround yourself with true cinematic sound. 5.1 channel surround sound lets you place speakers in each corner of the room – with the subwoofer going anywhere you like. You’ll find yourself going to the movies less often…and not missing it.

USB with CD ripping
Features a USB input to conveniently enjoy you movies, music or images played back on you TV. But there’s more… With CD ripping you can have any CD in your collection converted to MP3 and stored back on your USB drive or MP3 player.

1080p upscaling
See your existing DVD collection as you never have before. With Full HD 1,080p Upscaling you get sharper, clearer pictures than you have ever experienced with DVD.

Auto Sound Calibration (ASC)
Wherever you sit is now the best seat in the house. Auto Sound Calibration makes sure you’re hearing optimal sound by automatically configuring the speakers and subwoofer. Simply place the ASC microphone next to your favourite viewing spot, press the ASC button on your remote control, and then experience audio nirvana.

product specification
Sound channels 5.1 surround sound
Wireless system Wired
Connections HDMI
Connections USB
Playback formats DivX playback
Upscaling Yes
Number of scart ports 1 Scart
Number of speakers 6 speakers
Power (W) 1000W