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Samsung HMX-H105BP reviews: Flash and memory card storage Full HD camcorder

HMX -H100 series has amazing built-in SSD memory options which allows you to record for longer. Plus, wit... See full description.
  • Full HD
  • 1920x1080i pixels

Product Information

product description

HMX-H100 series has amazing built-in SSD memory options which allows you to record for longer. Plus, with the wide 2.7-inch touch screen LCD, and a new optical image Stabiliser, you’ll easily capture every precious moment in breathtaking Full HD (1920 × 1080p) detail.

the world’s first SSD (Solid State Drive) camcorder

Memories that bring you closer together are exquisitely captured in Full HD detail by SAMSUNG H series camcorders. As the world’s first SSD (Solid State Drive) camcorders, they represent the very essence of technological excellence and immaculate imaging. With more memory, longer battery life, and an SSD lifetime of over 130 years, the memories you make can be treasured forever.

SSD Benefit 1-lighter, smaller, stronger

The powerful SSD used by SAMSUNG camcorders is 7 times smaller and 12 times lighter than a conventional 1.8" HDD. Weighing just 4 grams, the SSD enables the H100 series camcorders to be small, light, and super strong.

SSD Benefit 2-the fastest camcorder ever

The SAMSUNG H100 series uses an exclusive controller chipset which enables them to be ready to shoot in less than a second, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

SSD Benefit 3-anti-shock and anti-vibration

The SAMSUNG H100 series are camcorders you can trust in even the most extreme environment. Because the SSD has no moving parts, it is more solid than HDD, proving resistant to shocks, knocks, and even drops.

SSD Benefit 4-low power, long battery

Compared with HDD, the SSD uses 8 times less power when reading and writing data, enabling a battery life of 3 hours to be achieved, so that you are free to fully enjoy recording more of your memories without worrying about the constraints of time.

SSD Benefit 5-suitable for all weather

Whether you want your camcorder to work in an Arizona desert or at the top of Everest, the SAMSUNG H100 series won’t let you down. Tested in extreme conditions against several leading HDD camcorders, the H100 series continued to record reliably long after the others had died.

SSD Benefit 6-a lifetime of reliability

With over 4 times the repeat writing and erasing capacity of HDD, the SSD gives you a camcorder you can rely on. The SAMSUNG H100 series’ unique Wear Levelling technology distributes data so that erasures and rewrites take place evenly across the SSD, enabling it to remain reliable for the duration of its long, long life.

SSD Benefit 7-silent operation

Because the SSD has no moving parts, it operation is quite literally silent. Measured at 0dB, the SSD is an invaluable aid to stealthy shooting. With no moving parts, the SSD generates far less heat than a conventional HDD, remaining comfortable and cool at all times.

enjoy life in Full HD

There’s no finer viewing than Full HD images on a Full HD screen. Full HD images achieve superior clarity and depth of detail, By shooting in Full HD (1920 × 1080), the SAMSUNG H100 series matches the resolution of Full HD TV, giving you memories that appear as exquisitely detailed as the day they were made.

take a wider perspective

Create a sense of space and a panoramic point of view with the SAMSUNG H100 series’ 37mm Wide Angle Video Lens. This wider field of vision allows you to capture more scenery, more detail, and more people, adding an incredible depth of intensity to your memories so that you can relive the moments forever.

stable, steady shooting

To eliminate the effects of hand movement, SAMSUNG H100 series camcorders have an advanced Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S) that maintains image integrity at all times. Shifts in the lens counteract motion and instability, giving clear, clean images that are more comfortable to watch.

4.7 megapixel photos

Advanced imaging technology allows SAMSUNG H100 series camcorders to capture still frames at a resolution of 2880 × 1620 (4.7 megapixels), giving you clearer, more enjoyable photos that are saturated with natural detail. With in-built flash, you can make the most of every moment, every day, and every night.

intuitive LCD touch screen

The high-resolution 2.7” touch panel LCD screen enables intuitive interaction with the camcorder, putting the power to capture and create exquisite images at your fingertips. With advanced anti-reflection coating, you can be sure that the screen will always remain vivid and visible in any external light environment.

freedom to move

Experience the freedom of the full angle handgrip. Feel the freedom of motion that allows you to change recording position with free-flowing fluidity. Feel the freedom that comes with the knowledge that the camcorder is nestled safely in your hand. Feel the freedom that allows you to feel free.

product specification
Resolution quality Full HD
Resolution (Pixels) 1920x1080i pixels
3D No
Optical zoom ratio 10x optical zoom
Media format Flash and memory card storage
Connections USB
Type of memory card SDHC card
Shape of camcorder Horizontally held
Digital zoom ratio 100x digital zoom
Type of image stabiliser Optical image stabiliser
Widescreen recording Yes
Hard disk capacity 32GB Storage
Shortest shutter speed 1/10000 min. shutter speed
Weight (g) 380g
Screen size 2.7"
Maximum aperture telephoto 2.5
Maximum aperture wide 1.8
Type of chip CMOS chip
Release date 24 Jun 2009