Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 reviews

13 customer reviews
Photo of Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 Steam Cleaner
  • Photo of Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 Steam Cleaner
  • Photo of Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is a good all rounder.

£50 – £66 at 4 retailers out of 419 retailers checked

8.8 out of 10 based on 13 reviews.
Upright, 1500W See full product description

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Product Features

Shape Upright
Power (W) 1500

Manufacturer's Description

The Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 Steam and Clean Pro Detergent Steam Mop offers powerful cleaning with added detergent to leave your surfaces sparkling.

Steam mop with added detergent

This is not your average steam mop – it powerfully cleans your surfaces as well as disinfecting them from harmful bacteria, leaving them smelling citrus fresh.

It’s flexible to fit your needs – if you want to thoroughly clean your hard floors, use the detergent function, or if you’re looking to refresh your carpets and rugs, you can use the RHDSM2001 as a regular steam mop – it’s up to you.

Useful all over the house

If you’ve got tiles in the bathroom, vinyl in the kitchen and wood in the hallway, the Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 Steam & Clean Pro Detergent Steam Mop can be used with all of them. The microfiber mop pads are super absorbent and designed to trap dirt and moisture, leaving your floors clean and quick to dry.

Easy and speedy

To use your new Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001, just fill the 600 ml tank with water from the tap then add your detergent. Next, simply switch it on, wait 30 seconds and start cleaning. This fantastically quick power up time provides you with around fifteen minutes of cleaning, so you can get the chores done in no time.

Because of the uniquely shaped, low-profile triangle head, you can use the Steam and Clean Pro Detergent Steam Mop under your furniture and into all of those tricky places that often get forgotten.

A quick change of mop pad and attachment of the carpet glider, and you’re ready to go. Once finished, stand the mop in the handy cooling tray that also comes free in the box.

With the Russell Hobbs RHDSM2001 Steam and Clean Pro Detergent Steam Mop cleaning your home is easy and stress free.

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