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Philips DS9000 reviews

Philips DS9000 is the gateway to everything you hold precious about music. Built with premium components an... See full description.
  • Wired
  • iPod dock function

Product Information

product description

Philips DS9000 is the gateway to everything you hold precious about music. Built with premium components and natural wood, it unleashes full fidelity from your iPhone/iPod, offering an authentic sound experience true to the original.

Peerless sound quality

Passive crossover for full audible spectrum reproduction
Passive crossover design lets you hear every note clearly so your music comes out amazingly pure, natural and complete. Through complex engineering, each part of the full audible spectrum of sound frequencies is separated and sent to the appropriate drivers. Signals beyond a driver’s frequency response are never sent, so sound quality is vastly improved and distortion level greatly reduced. Together with premium electronic components, passive crossover delivers audio that is coherent, uncompromised and faithful to the original.

Audiophile-quality drivers for authentic sound reproduction

Smooth-edged enclosure to limit sound diffraction

PureDigital for unsurpassed sound clarity
Advanced PureDigital sound processing technology offers vastly superior sound performance compared to the conventional analogue audio processing technology that is found in docking players that use the analogue audio output from an iPhone/iPod. By collecting the iPhone’s/iPod’s digital audio output and employing digital processing at each stage of the circuit, a much higher Signal-to-Noise ratio is produced. The result is unsurpassed sound clarity that is in perfect balance.

Precisely tuned bass pipes for deep, tight bass reproduction

Exquisite design and finishing

Sensually curved back for elegance and precise sound
The clean lines and sensuality of the curved back cover not only looks fabulous – it also creates a more effective structure for acoustics. Carefully designed, the curve increases the stiffness of the speaker cabinet, dramatically reducing internal resonance and resulting in more precise and natural sound reproduction. You get to enjoy both lovely looking speakers and sensational sound.

Sustainable wood source to preserve ecological balance

Premium design in natural wood, fabric and metal

Advanced intuitive control

Proximity sensor to activate backlit control panel
Most top-grade audiophile appliances allow the display to be turned off – for absolute enjoyment of music, and for power to be focused on sound reproduction. With the proximity sensor feature, you can enjoy that too. Walk away and the illuminated functional keys automatically dim. When your hand draws near, the functional keys light up so you can control your music without fuss.

Dedicated app available on the App Store for more functions
One simple application with a whole range of cool new features that allows you to browse easily and play your music collection, control your speaker’s acoustic properties, and check your docking speaker’s battery health from your iPhone/iPod Touch. It also has a clock feature with multiple music and sound of nature alarms. You can set your docking speaker to wake you up by playing your favourite music, while your docked iPhone/iPod Touch displays your favourite photo. This is a free application created exclusively for use with the Fidelio docking speaker and the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Dock any iPhone/iPod, even in its case
Smartly designed spring-loaded docking port effortlessly accommodates any iPhone or iPod, without special adapters. What’s more, it works even when most protective cases are on – just dock your iPhone or iPod as it is. Now you can truly have fuss-free enjoyment of your music.

product specification
Wireless or wired Wired
Extra functions iPod dock function
Active or passive speakers Active speakers
Remote control Yes
Number of speakers 2 speakers
Type of speaker Single Case System
Weight (kg) 6.5
Release date 28 Jul 2010
RMS Wattage 100RMS Wattage