Philips 55PFL6007 TV prices: 55" Full HD 1080p LCD screen

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Photo of Philips 55PFL6007 Television
  • Photo of Philips 55PFL6007 Television
  • Photo of Philips 55PFL6007 Television
  • Photo of Philips 55PFL6007 Television
  • Photo of Philips 55PFL6007 Television

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Philips 55PFL6007 with 55" Full HD 1080p LCD screen, 4 HDMI ports and Freeview. See full product description

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Customer reviews of Philips 55PFL6007

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Product Features

Screen size (Inches) 55
Type of screen LCD
3D Yes
HD TV HD Ready
HD TV Full HD 1080p
Freeview or Freesat tuner Freeview
Number of HDMI ports 4
Number of scart ports 1
Connections Wireless
Connections HDMI
Connections Ethernet ,Wi-Fi
Connections Ethernet
Frequency (Hz) 400
Type of LED screen LED Backlight type
Screen aspect ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio (X:1) 500000
Reflection angle 178
Horizontal resolution (Pixels) 1920
Horizontal resolution (Pixels) 192
Vertical resolution (Pixels) 1080
Brightness (Candela per square metre) 400
Energy efficiency A**
Headphone Socket Yes
Weight (kg) 15.8
Release date 2012-10-09

Also known as: Philips 55PFL6007T, 55PFL6007T

TV Buyers Guide  

Manufacturer's Description

Product Description
Smart TV online Apps
A wealth of online Apps, videos to rent and catch-up TV
Stay Connected

With a wide range of Apps available you can rent films, watch catch-up TV and stay connected to friends and family through social networking Apps and Skype. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest news and surf the Internet. The new user interface allows you to easily find the App you want quickly. You can organise the Apps in the order that most suits your needs, so if you use the social networking Apps the most, you can set these to appear on the first page, so you no longer need to switch between pages. As well as the order of Apps, it is easy to remove ones that you no longer use. The App store continues to grow with more Apps being added all the time. To quickly and easily start the smart TV interface there is a button on the remote control, so with one push of a button you will have a host of Apps waiting for you.

This TV is Wi-Fi Certified, meaning you can experience the rich selection of online services wirelessly. This will help reduce the quantity of wires and clutter in your room. You can also connect to the online world through the Ethernet port on the back of the TV if required.
Easily control your TV
Stay in Control
Stay in Control

In addition to the standard remote control included in the box, you can also connect your other smart devices to your Philips TV and control it with ease. Ever been sat on your sofa and your remote control is just out of reach? Now you can use your smart device to change channels, adjust the volume and more. Simply download the ‘MyRemote’ App from either the Apple App-Store or the Andriod marketplace and you are ready to go. The App’s user interface is designed to be simple to use and friendly. What’s more, if you have a compatible Philips Blu-ray player or Home Theatre System this App can also be used to control those too, so instead of having multiple remote controls you now have your smart device. To make controlling your TV even more convenient you can also connect a wireless keyboard (compatible with USB-HID standard). The keyboard’s wireless adapter plugs into the USB port on the TV and once connected gives you even more flexibility to type comfortably and with ease, so if you are using your TV to visit websites or write on social media sites it can be done much quicker.
Share Photos, Music and Movies on Your TV
Share content between devices
Sharing made easy

Share photos, music and movies wirelessly through DLNA compatible devices such as your smartphone, tablet or computer straight to your Philips smart TV. More and more people are using their phones and other smart devices to capture moments on video or photo; instead of having this content restricted to that one device you can display the content on the large screen of your TV. This will allow you to share the videos, photos or music with family and friends when you are sat together. In order to allow sharing between devices you will need to download the ‘MyRemote’ App from the Apple App-Store or Andriod Marketplace which is quick and simple. Once downloaded to your smart device the on-screen menus are simple to use. If you have content stored on your computer, you no longer need to connect it with wires to your tv, simply sit back, relax and connect through the DLNA technology. As well as this wireless option, this TV has a host of wired connectivity options.
Find, schedule, record and pause TV

With the built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) you can find your favourite shows. The Electronic Programme Guide allows you to view eight days worth of programming across channels, to find the show you are interested in. To pause and record on your TV you will need a connected storage device (min 32GB) which is ideal if you are interrupted by a telephone call or someone at the door.
Full HD TV
Full HD TV with Pixel Precise HD for better details and clarity

The most advanced LED lighting technology in this Full HD 1080p LED TV combines an eye-catching minimalistic design with stunning image quality. Full HD delivers real-life detail which is perfect for watching any content with stunning picture quality. The images are more detailed than HD-Ready TVs because the picture is made up of 1080 horizontal lines, versus 720 horizontal lines for HD-Ready TVs. So if you are watching sports, movies or playing games, characters and scenes spring to life. On top of that, LED lighting technology does not contain any hazardous materials so it is more environmentally friendly compared to other older technologies. Thus, with LED backlights and Full HD you can enjoy low power consumption, high brightness, incredible contrast, sharpness and vibrant colours. Combined with this impressive LED lighting technology, this TV also has Pixel Precise HD. As well as detecting and reducing artefacts and noise from any connected sources, it takes high definition picture quality to the next level with 4 trillion colours. With Super Resolution, Pixel Precise HD brings you an amazing picture quality experience.
Great action scenes
Smooth motion scenes
Smooth Motion Scenes

400Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) creates extreme motion sharpness for clear and vibrant images in fast action scenes, perfect for movies and sports. Combined with the technology above your viewing experience is further enhanced. The new Philips PMR standard shows the combined visible effect of the panel refresh rate, HD Natural Motion and a unique processing formula, for unprecedented motion sharpness and overall picture quality. You may have experienced before when watching a sporting event or a fast action scene that the movement on your older TV is not smooth or is blurry and that fast movement scenes judder across. With this technology the movement will be smoother and more realistic.
Easy 3D with Ambilight
An immersive viewing experience
Immersive Viewing Experience

Easy 3D offers you the most comfortable 3D experience for long hours of pleasure using glasses that do not require batteries or charging to operate. This TV also converts 2D content into 3D, as well as allowing you to control the 3D depth level to your own preference. The 2D and 3D experience is further enhanced by Ambilight.

Ambilight is a patented Philips technology that projects a glow of light from two sides of the back of the TV onto the surronding wall, giving the impression of a larger screen and greater viewing experience. Ambilight automatically adjusts the colour and brightness of the light to match the TV picture.

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