Pentax WG-3 reviews and prices: Compact camera

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This digital camera is a good all rounder.

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Pentax WG-3: 16 MP (Megapixels), 4x optical zoom, SD storage digital Compact camera. See full product description

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Product Features

Camera Type Compact
Optical zoom ratio 4
Screen size (Inches) 3
Digital zoom ratio 7.2
Media format SD
Media format SDXC
Media format SDHC
Weight (g) 239
Flash Yes
Waterproof Yes
GPS Receiver Yes

Also known as: Pentax, WG-3, Pentax WG 3

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Manufacturer's Description

Sturdily constructed, the heavy-duty Pentax WG-3 Waterproof Compact Digital Camera is built to withstand water, shocks, freezing temperatures and dust – making this compact companion adventure proof.

Action-packed photography

Take your photography to places it’s never been to before, with an outstanding underwater performance you can take crystal clear photos whether it’s on a scuba dive, a casual swim in the sea or of holiday pool dives.

A shock-resistant body means it’s protected against drops and knocks while the dust-proofing allows you to take it on the beach and enjoy casual snapping without the worry of damage.

The tough companion is at home in the roughest of conditions – made for adventure.

High performance capture

At the core of the rugged body is a state-of-the-art, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor. The highly sensitive sensor captures more light and picture detail, resulting in photos that are bursting with stunning detail and natural colour tones. The image sensor works alongside a new-generation image processing engine – producing super high-resolution images.

The compact Pentax WG-3 camera is equipped with a dual shake reduction system that innovatively combines sensor-shift shake reduction with digital shake reduction for more effective shake compensation. This technology kicks-in when capturing in shake-prone conditions such as in low-light or fast-movement. Pentax lens A newly designed optical zoom lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.0 captures bright and clear subjects with minimal noise, no matter the shooting conditions.

Get four times closer to distant subjects and enjoy a wide focal range from 4.5mm to 18mm. The versatile lens offers close-up macro shooting to beautiful wide-angle landscape capture.

LED Macro lights

There are six LED Macro lights positioned around the lens barrel that provide a brighter performance on close-up subjects. The additional illumination ensures that the beautiful flower is captured clearly with eye-catching results.

What’s more, the LED lights make for user-friendly handiness when shooting in Self-Portrait Assist mode, the lights work to check if the subject’s face is captured within the picture frame by using the blink of an LED lamp. There’s also a LED lighting mode for lighting the device in poor conditions.

Movie moments

The Pentax WG-3 features Full HD movie recording, capture those holiday activities, travelling moments and spontaneous shots in brilliant clarity – ready to be enjoyed in large screen glory on a HDTV.

GPS functionality

With advanced GPS the Pentax compact automatically records the pin-point location of the captured moment, allowing you to relive photos as a travel log. A newly incorporated pressure sensor and digital compass enables the user to check the altitude or underwater pressure as well as find the direction of shooting.

There’s also a digital level that displays the camera’s horizontal/vertical inclination.

Wireless charging

The action camera is compatible with the wireless Qi (inductive power standard) recharging system, which means the built-in battery automatically charges when placed on a Qi-compatible commercial wireless recharger. This conveniently eliminates the need to open and close the battery chamber – reducing the risk of dust and sand from entering.

Styled for adventure and built to withstand whatever your photography throws at it, the Pentax WG-3 Waterproof Compact Digital Camera is packed with useful features and great functionality – perfect for everyday photography and not-so every day photography.

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