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Pentax K-5 IIs reviews and prices: camera

he Pentax K-5 IIs boasts many advanced functions and user-friendly features and comes without an anti-alias... See full description.

Product Information

product description

he Pentax K-5 IIs boasts many advanced functions and user-friendly features and comes without an anti-aliasing filter to give deeply rich, detailed imagery at supreme resolution levels. The K5-IIs is the perfect choice for studio and commercial photography where camera settings, lens selection and shooting conditions are controlled.

SAFOX Autofocus Module
The Newly developed SAFOX X AF module allows the AF function to work over a broader EV range (-3EV to +18EV) and so will easily focus in much dimmer conditions. It is also designed to give far greater accuracy when working with very fast aperture lenses. The upgrade is completed by a new AF algorithm which makes decisions at lightning speed.

High quality LCD
The K-5 II comes equipped with a 3.0-inch, wide-view, air-gap-free LCD monitor with approximately 921,000 dots. Sandwiched between the front glass panel (which is coated with an anti-glare film) and the LCD screen is a unique resin layer that cuts down the reflection and dispersion of the light to effectively prevent ghost images and greatly reduce brightness loss. The front panel is also made of tempered glass to keep it free of scratches and abrasions.

Bright, clear optical viewfinder
The K-5 IIs features a glass pentaprism finder with a nearly 100% field of view and approximately 0.92-times magnification (with a 50mm F1.4 lens at infinity) to provide a sharp, clear view of the entire image field and improve the accuracy and speed of focusing and image composition. It also comes with the renowned Natural-Bright-Matte III focusing screen to facilitate manual-focus operation.

Weather resistant constrution
The K-5 II’s exterior casing is made of sturdy yet lightweight magnesium alloy, while its chassis is made of highly rigid stainless steel. Thanks to the inclusion of 77 special seals in the body, it boasts a dustproof, weather-resistant and cold-resistant construction, assuring reliable operation even under demanding outdoor conditions, and at temperatures as low as -10°C. It also features a dependable shutter unit that provides a top shutter speed of 1/8000 second and the outstanding durability to withstand as many as 100,000 shutter releases.

High speed shooting
The K-5 II’s high-speed continuous shooting mode records as many as 30 images (in the JPEG format) in a single sequence at a maximum speed of approximately seven images per second, allowing the photographer to preserve sharp, crisp images of active, fast-moving subjects.