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Panasonic TXL42DT50 TV reviews and prices: 42" Full HD 1080p LED screen

Available in three screen size models, 55", 47" and 42", the highly featured DT50 series com... See full description.
  • 42"
  • LED screen

Product Information

product description

Available in three screen size models, 55", 47" and 42", the highly featured DT50 series combines stunning picture performance with a refined slim bezel metal frame and crystal-like transparent lower edge.

Smart Viera from Panasonic in 2012 is about redefining the way we use TV in a modern age. Up to now TVs have been all one-way devices. The new generation of TVs are not just for viewing content provided by the major broadcasters at a time which suits their broadcast schedules. Smart Viera allows you to interact with the TV and access a wide selection of digital content at a time that suits you. Content that is provided by the Internet such as catch-up TV or movies on demand. Content that is stored on your computer or other storage devices in your home, like external Hard Disc Drives or memory stick/card. What about sharing content that friends bring to your home, such as pictures, music or videos? No problem with the new Viera App for tablet or smart phone devices.

Introducing Swipe & Share. Using your home Wi-Fi network and an Android or Apple smart phone, simply swipe treasured pictures or video content* to your Smart Viera. Share the moment on your large screen in great picture quality. With a swipe of your hand, you can also throw web pages from your smart device to the TV. Thanks to the built-in web browser, internet pages that you are browsing on your smart phone can be displayed on the TV for everyone to see.

*Compatible file formats only.

Smart Viera allows you to communicate through your TV by joining conversations on Social Network sites or making free video calls to friends and family around the world on Skype*. Want to talk to friends but don’t want to miss the best TV moments or sporting action? No problem, with our unique Watch & Chat feature, you can make that Skype call and watch TV at the same time.

*Skype calls require purchase of optional Skype camera.

However you choose to enjoy this new world of entertainment, Panasonic build all their TVs around the following five pillars of form and functionality.

Picture Quality


Wider viewing angles mean less loss of picture performance when viewed off-centre of the screen
Traditional LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs have now come of age with the introduction of new LED (Light Emitting Diode) backlight technology. LCD flat panel TVs using traditional fluorescent tubes as a rear light source, suffered from poor black level performance and smeared or blurry pictures when showing fast moving scenes. Now, with ultra-slim LEDs providing the back light source to the LCD panel, high contrast, vivid images are delivered with ultra-smooth motion and black levels that can rival the best Plasma technology.

Wide angle viewing performance is also improved in the DT50 models as Panasonic use a technology called IPS (In-Plane Switching) that aligns the open crystals horizontally and parallel to the screen, thus providing wider viewing angles with less loss of picture performance when viewed off-centre of the screen.

High Speed Scanning and Frame Rate

1600Hz Back Light Scanning (BLS)
Smooth motion, clarity and detail are essential for maximum enjoyment when watching TV. Panasonic utilise the latest 200Hz panel drive for the DT50 series ensuring that movement on screen is delivered with 4 times the number of frames that make up a normal TV picture. This means that our eyes perceive the movement of a subject across the screen as natural and smooth. In addition, to maintain the detail and clarity of each frame, the LED backlight has 8 zones that can rapidly be switched on or off and phased to correspond with the scanning of each new image. We call this 1600Hz Back Light Scanning (BLS).

Web Smoother

Conventional vs Web Smoother
Videos created for viewing on the internet are often not made to the same standard as videos or films made for TV broadcasting. The web conversion process can cause unnatural motion or blur. The Viera web smoother technology reprocesses the video content creating a smoother and sharper image to watch.

ISFccc Calibration Tools

Ultimately a television should faithfully reproduce the original source material. Hollywood and TV producers spend many hours crafting their movies and programmes to create a look that enthrals and engages the viewer. All productions are created on equipment that is calibrated to the same set of industry standards. The only way to enjoy these productions at home, in the same way that the director originally intended, is to make sure the TV is calibrated to the same industry specification. Panasonic have installed calibration tools specified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) that allows a professional Calibrator to personally set up your TV in your home viewing environment. The calibration software within the TV allows the professional to access all parameters of the video image to a Certified Calibration Configuration (ccc). This provides images that are gentle to the eyes, natural looking and faithful to source signals.

ISF and IMAGING SCIENCE FOUNDATION are Trade Marks owned by Imaging Science Foundation, Inc.

Full HD 3D Picture Performance

For the majority of the time you will be enjoying stunning 2D picture quality from your DT50 TV which is made all the better if the source is High Definition, such as Freeview HD, Freesat HD or Blu-ray Disc. These HD video signals are made up of picture frames containing 1920 × 1080 pixels (about 5 times more pixels than standard definition), what the industry calls “Full HD".

Switching to a Full HD 3D source such as 3D Blu-ray adds a whole new level of enjoyment that should be engaging and immersive. You would not want the amazing quality of Full HD to be compromised just because you want to watch in 3D, would you?

The DT50 series all offer Full HD 3D picture quality by the use of ‘Frame Sequential Active 3D’. Frame sequential 3D is the only way to deliver 1920 × 1080 images to each eye ensuring that High Definition 3D quality is guaranteed.

2D to 3D Conversion

TV programmes, Blu-ray software, and photos and videos converted to amazing 3D
If you get hooked on 3D but can’t find enough 3D content to satisfy your urge, don’t worry. You can convert 2D images in to natural looking 3D. Achieve natural and beautiful 3D images with this advanced conversion technology. In addition to 2D TV broadcasts, it is also possible to enjoy recorded TV programmes, Blu-ray software, and memorable photos and videos recorded onto SD Memory Cards, all converted to amazing 3D.


Viera Connect

VIERA Connect gives you easy access to selected online content
As the multimedia powerhouse of your home, VIERA Connect gives you easy access to selected online content. Utilising the latest “Cloud technology", dozens of internet applications are available for you to access without the need of a PC. The Viera Connect Apps are automatically downloaded to your connected TV, all you have to do is take a look in the Viera Market section of Connect and install the ones that you fancy. The apps are even updated automatically in the background without you having to wait for the update to install.

The DT50 series include built-in Wi-Fi technology or an Ethernet connection allowing easy link up to a Broadband router. Viera Connect provides fast connection to a wide selection of services including Catch-up TV, News & Lifestyle, Weather, Sports, Music and Gaming to name a few.

Internet Browser

If your favourite website is not included in the Viera Connect Apps list, no problem, the DT50 includes a full web browser. Using the internet address box, just type in the web address you are looking for or select a search engine if you are not sure what the web address is.

Skype and Social Networking TV

You no longer need to be tied to your computer or phone to communicate with friends and family.

A compatible Skype camera can be purchased that plugs in to one of the USB sockets on the TV. Once connected, just set up a Skype account and select the Skype application from Viera Connect. Not only Skype, but Facebook and Twitter accounts can also be accessed through Connect. You can even carry on a conversation while continuing to watch TV.

Access Media and Other Devices Around Your Home

The DT50 can ‘communicate’ with other devices around the home
Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and DLNA capability, the DT50 can ‘communicate’ with other devices around the home. Many modern products including PCs, Blu-ray Players and Digital Video Recorders now offer “Home Sharing" of content such as photos, video and music. Many file formats stored on these “Server" devices can be streamed to the TV provided that the device is connected to your home network. The DT50 also supports streaming of these files to another device, when they are stored on an external Hard Disc Drive, SD card or USB memory stick and plugged in to the TV – and it even lets you stream content to and from your compatible smartphone or tablet.

SD Card and USB Media Player

Whether it’s digital still pictures or video taken on a digital camera or camcorder saved on an SD card, or photos, video’s or music files saved from a computer on to a USB stick, chances are they can be viewed on the Viera TV. It’s a great way to enjoy family photos and videos – just like a giant digital photo frame.

Easy Operation

Panasonic have stood for many years on its reputation of reliability and ease of use. The new generation of Smart VIERA uphold this tradition. The VIERA Remote App 2.0 lets you conveniently use your smartphone or tablet as a touch-screen remote. Download the free app from the Apple or Android store and experience amazing control from your smart device.

The Smart VIERA menu intuitively navigates you through your multimedia, letting you comfortably choose from many digital sources. However, even in this age, the primary use of a TV is to easily access TV programmes from our main UK broadcasters.

Freeview HD and Freesat HD Tuners Built In

Access to High Definition TV programmes is now available to almost all households in the UK. The DT50 gives you the choice of how you wish to receive HD in your home. Freeview provide the TV signals directly through your rooftop aerial*. Whereas Freesat offer an alternative route via a satellite dish** for homes that are in a difficult reception area. Whichever service you choose, the DT50 provides a 7-day Electronic Programme Guide that allows you to surf all of the channels on offer. High Definition content brings your HD TV to life, so Panasonic make sure you get to take full advantage.

*Freeview services coverage check is recommended.

**Permission may be required for erection of satellite dish. A one-off installation charge may be required.

Viera Link

With Viera Link, multiple products can be controlled from just one remote control
Numerous remote controls can be the bane of our lives, but with Viera Link, multiple products can be controlled from just one. When you connect a Panasonic Blu-ray Player, Recorder, Home Cinema System, Camcorder or Digital Camera via HDMI cable to the TV, a communication is made that lets you control all these devices from the TV remote.

Voice Guidance

New for 2012 Viera TV and exclusive to UK and Irish models, Panasonic have included ‘Text to Speech’ conversion software that, when activated, verbally reads out on screen text such as menu options and even the TV programme guide. This feature is very useful for the partially sighted or viewers that have difficulty reading the text on screen.

Bluetooth Active 3D Glasses* Standardisation

New for 2012, using Full HD 3D Televisions just got easier. Panasonic have introduced Bluetooth signalling between their active 3D glasses and active 3D TVs. Previous 3D TVs used Infra-red signalling which had the dis advantage that the signal to the glasses could be interrupted by someone moving in front of the TV. With Bluetooth technology this does not happen, the 3D switching signal is continually maintained from TV to glasses and back again as long as the wearer is within the Bluetooth range. Also, the TV and the Panasonic TY-ER3D4 glasses comply with the new Full HD 3D glasses standard, which means other brands of compliant glasses, can also be used. Now friends or family with 3D TVs that also comply with the new standard, can bring their glasses to you or you can take your glasses around to them to watch great Full HD 3D content together.

*Bluetooth glasses not supplied as standard with DT50 series.


The design of VIERA TVs features a graceful combination: high quality materials and robust manufacturing. The DT50 series incorporates a narrow metal frame and an ultrathin stand, both featuring a smooth hairline finish, creating a simple and elegant effect. All models are stylish and timelessly elegant – while the select materials and excellent craftsmanship exude uncompromising VIERA quality.


VIERA TVs feature numerous energy-saving functions which lower your energy consumption. The latest Panasonic IPS LED technology features industry leading energy efficiency, boasting high brightness with low power consumption (A+ energy label rating on almost all models*). Panasonic Viera also strives for extremely long life span to ensure less waste and easier recycling.

product specification
Screen size 42"
Type of screen LED screen
3D Yes
HD TV Full HD 1080p
HD TV HD Ready
Built-in disc player No Disc Player
Freeview or Freesat tuner FreeSat HD
Freeview or Freesat tuner Freeview
Number of HDMI ports 4 HDMI ports
Connections Ethernet
Connections HDMI
Connections Wireless
Frequency 1600Hz
Screen aspect ratio 16:9 screen format
Reflection angle 178 degree viewing angle
Horizontal resolution 192 Pixels
Vertical resolution 1080 Pixels
Energy efficiency A* rated
Headphone Socket Yes
Weight (kg) 11
Release date 4 Apr 2012