PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK : Home Cinema System

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Photo of PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK  Home Cinema System
  • Photo of PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK  Home Cinema System
  • Photo of PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK  Home Cinema System
  • Photo of PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK  Home Cinema System

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Customer reviews of PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK

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Product Features

Sound channels 2.1 surround sound
Built-in disc player DVD Player
Built-in disc player CD Player
Connections HDMI
Connections Wireless
Connections USB
Playback formats MP3
Playback formats DivX
Audio technology Dolby Digital and DTS
Extra functions iPod dock
Extra functions Web content
Extra functions iPod control
Upscaling Yes
3D Yes
Number of speakers 3
Power (W) 200.0
Width in cm 43
Height in cm 3.8
Depth in cm 27.9
Release date 2012-05-21

Also known as: PANASONIC SC-BTT282EBK


Manufacturer's Description

3D Cinema Surround Plus, and an output power of 500W delivers realistic sound effects with great 3D feel. Efficient conversion from 2D to 3D delivers stunning 3D experiences also from regular Blu-ray and DVD, and VIERA Connect. Built-in wireless Wi-Fi connectivity with DLNA for quick and easy connection to home network. VIERA Connect portal provides access to exciting online services and apps.More smart connectivity options, including integrated iPhone / iPod dock, USB, SD card slot and 2 HDMI inputs.

SC-BTT282EBK is good news for all who think the theater feels like a large installation that takes a lot of space on the shelves, on the floor and puttering down living room with wires. This is an easy 2.1-system almost imperceptibly takes its place in relation to what it offers: Beautiful 3D sound effects with Panasonic unique Cinema Surround Plus, mass support for Internet entertainment and little wires thanks to built-in WiFi.

SC-BTT282EBK is equipped with a new audio program called Panasonic Cinema Surround Plus, which recreates a stunning 3-D surround sound even though the system only has 2 front speakers and a subwoofer is effective. The digital amplifier is equipped with an anti-jittersystem developed from Panasonic proven MASH technique. The system effectively eliminates jitter and other distortion that may otherwise affect the purity of the sound. Also new is the enhanced Digital Tube feature that makes the sound experience more warm and genuine.

Image-wise, this years system further honed. Among other things, the 3D image and the conversion of standard signals such as Blu-ray/DVD-skivor to 3D improved by using an updated Adaptive Chroma Processing and a new Super Resolution Image Processing. The result appears in the form of an incredible experience in both 3D and 2D with a sharpness and color saturation that few other home theater systems can match. 3D converter also works when you look at the VIERA Connect footage or streaming movies from the Internet.

To make your TV smarter, Panasonic has further upgraded the entertainment of the new VIERA Connect portal. The new cloud-based platform is easy to use and serves a wide range of Internet services and a host of applications in sports, movies, games and more. While social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Skype – everything is pre-installed. DLNA compatibility makes it the active part of your wireless network at home and can display images, music and video from external hard disk, NAS or PC.

Connecting the iPod / iPhone is quick and easy thanks to the Digital Music Connection, which allows the transmission to the system completely digital and without loss of quality. SC-BTT282EBK is obviously compatible with the new Remote app Theatre in 2012, making it easy and convenient to control all the settings by swiping across the screen of your mobile / Tablet – all nicely graphically visualized in different selectable skins. It also works well to use the smartphone or surfing the plate that the keyboard so you can easily search for movies or other entertainment.

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