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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 (Body only) reviews and prices: SLR camera

The GH3 is the “strongest mirrorless interchangeable lens” flagship model, featuring mobility, ... See full description.
  • SLR
  • 614k pixels

Product Information

product description

The GH3 is the “strongest mirrorless interchangeable lens” flagship model, featuring mobility, ruggedness and expandability. An amazingly competent stills camera with our most advanced video features to date.

Lumix G Micro Four Thirds (MFT) System

Developed in 2008, Micro Four Thirds revolutionised the photographic market. The MFT system removed the reflex mirror and replaced it with a high quality electronic viewfinder that reads the image coming through the lens as it is focussed directly on the image sensor. The mirror-less system allows the sensor to be mounted much closer to the back of the lens, which in turn allows both the camera body and lenses to be smaller and lighter without compromising the image quality.

Large LIVE MOS Image Sensor

The size and type of sensor was a critical part in the development of Lumix G. 8x larger than the sensor used in a typical compact camera, and large enough to capture all the light coming through the lens without bending or distortion. The Micro Four Thirds sensor is almost as large as a Digital SLR APS-C sized sensor, but is designed to match the lens mount aperture perfectly, allowing the light to enter the camera in a straight line.

A Growing Range Of Compatible Interchangeable Lenses

Whatever photo opportunity arises, the growing number of creative lenses available for the Micro Four Thirds System ensures that you won’t miss out. Over 30 models from manufacturers such as Olympus, Sigma, Leica and, of course, Panasonic are already available with more being added regularly.

Photo Quality

New 16.05 Effective Megapixels Resolution Digital Live MOS Sensor

Panasonic’s latest generation of Live MOS sensor is newly developed for the GH3 and incorporates a built-in Analogue to Digital convertor which eliminates signal noise in the output stage. The advantage of this is exceptionally clean images are generated even at ISO sensitivity settings as high as 12800. Wide dynamic range and a low-pass filter also contribute to outstanding image quality.

Ultra High Speed 0.09 sec Auto-focus Capability

Our fastest ever auto-focus speed can be obtained when combining this camera with our latest double-speed AF control lenses. The combination of this lightning fast sensor and lens control means you get the action in focus more of the time.

50P FULL HD Video Mode with Broadcast Quality Ultra High Bit Rate & Time-code in New MOV Format

As the GH3 will appeal not least for its top end video recording abilities, Panasonic have incorporated true broadcast quality codecs and recording options. Bit rates up to 72Mbps are available in All-Intra 50P mode, while Interframe IPB recording is offered at 50Mbps in MOV (H.264) format. Less space hungry file formats are of course available for the more occasional video user including AVCHD and MP4.

Full-time Auto Focus Available during Video Recording

Due to the mirror-less design and Contrast Auto Focus system, auto focussing is continuously available during video recording.


Built-in Wi-Fi for Enhanced Network Functions

Send pictures over Wi-Fi to upload, save or print
The inclusion of Wi-Fi functionality adds a whole new level of control and convenience. This new functionality includes: Remote control by smart phone or tablet device. Automatic back-up of photos to a Wi-Fi enabled tablet. Playback, Print or Transfer your pictures to other networked devices in your home. You can even add the location to your pictures using the GPS function of your tablet of phone that the camera is linked with.

Functionality & Ease of Use

High-speed OLED displays are used for the EVF and the Free-angle touch screen
Double OLED Display – EVF and 3.0 Inch, Free Angle Touch Screen

Not only equipped with an incredibly clear 1.74M dots OLED Electronic Live View Finder with eye sensor, but also includes a high resolution 3.0 Inch, static touch, free-angle OLED display which gives you great control over composition however you prefer to hold your camera.

6fps High Speed Burst Shooting with Full Resolution

Using the electronic shutter completely eliminates AF and shutter noise
Two high-speed burst modes are offered. At full resolution it is possible to capture an incredible 6 frames per second. When the action is mega fast, there is the option of super high speed which shoots 20 fps at a resolution of 4 Megapixels.

Electronic (Silent Shutter) Mode

Although the camera shutter noise can be reassuring, to let you know that the shot has taken, sometimes it’s better to have no noise at all. In some shooting situations a noise may frighten or upset your subject. The Electronic shutter mode allows silent operation of the camera.

Whether shooting in a landscape or portrait orientation, the camera’s internal gyro sensor always knows the angle of the camera
Enhanced Shooting Assist Function – Level Gauge

A handy Level Gauge is provided on the display that helps you to correctly align the camera. Whether shooting in a landscape or portrait orientation, the camera’s internal gyro sensor always knows the angle of the camera and displays guide lines on screen to help you hold the camera level.

Stereo Sound Recording

A built-in stereo microphone means high quality Dolby encoded stereo sound can be recorded when using video mode. Microphone level control is also available as is a wind cut filter to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.

3.5mm Microphone and Headphone Socket

The optional battery grip extends photo shooting time to over 1000 shots
Now with the mini jack (3.5mm) microphone and headphone sockets, you can record and monitor video sound like the pro’s.

Optional Battery Grip

The optional large battery grip (DMW-BGGH3E) supports an additional high capacity battery and offers an even more secure grip of the camera during shooting.

Lightweight, strong and sealed against dust or splashing
Magnesium Alloy Chassis with Splash/Dust-proof Design

Built for mobility, the magnesium alloy chassis is both light and strong. While the rubber-ring seals protect the camera from ingress of dust or water through splashing.

Built-in Pop-up Flash (GN12) with Wide Illumination Angle and Flash Sync Control

The GH3 offers our most powerful pop-up flash with not only a guide number 12 range, but also a wider angle of throw. Also included on the camera is a flash syncro socket so that external flashes can also be fired.

Recording Mode HDMI Monitor Output

Use the mini HDMI output for monitoring the video signal during recording, to another HDMI device such as a large screen TV or record the signal off-board to an external recorder.

Creative Shooting Controls

14 Creative Effect Filters

Up to 14 creative filter effects can be selected before taking your shot
Up to 14 creative filter effects can be selected before taking your shot. These six standard effects: Expressive, Retro, High Key, Sepia, High Dynamic and Miniature have now been added to with the inclusion of Toy Effect, Low Key, Star Filter, One Point Colour, Dynamic Monochrome, Soft Filter, Impressive Art and Cross Process offering you a wider choice of creative style.

The best parts of three photos are combined to produce a photo with natural brightness and detail
HDR Shooting Mode

HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode allows for natural looking photos to be created from difficult shooting scenes where background lighting is too strong for subjects in the foreground. Three photos with different exposures are consecutively shot with one shutter release. The best parts of three photos are combined to produce a photo with excellent gradation and minimal shadow blocking/blown highlights.

Time-lapse Shooting Mode

Time lapse recording enables the user to capture an event spaced over a long period of time, in a video sequence that you only want to last a few seconds, such as the opening of a flower or the setting of the sun. Shooting intervals between 1 sec and 99 mins and 59 seconds can be selected.

Multiple Exposure Function

Between 2 and 4 images can be synthesised together to a create a multiple exposure picture. Let your creativity flow and see what amazing imagery you can come up with.

24P Playback Full HD Resolution Fast or Slo Motion Recording

By shooting at a faster than normal or slower than normal speed, very effective slo-motion or high-speed sequences can be enjoyed without compromising the full HD resolution. Three high speeds are available – 1.6x, 2x and 3x playback. Three slo-motion speeds are available – 0.8x, 0.48x and 0.4x playback.

product specification
Camera Type SLR
Resolution (Pixels) 614k pixels
Screen size 3"
Digital zoom ratio 2x digital zoom
Digital zoom ratio 4x digital zoom
Type of image stabiliser No image stabiliser
Touchscreen Yes
3D No
Colour Yes
Media format SD storage
Media format SDHC storage
Media format SDXC storage
Video recorder Yes
Manual Focus Yes
Weight (g) 0.47g
Flash Yes
Series GH3
WiFi Yes
Shortest shutter speed 1/4000 min. shutter speed
Longest shutter speed 1/60 max. shutter speed
RAW Format Yes
GPS Receiver No
Release date 30 Nov 2012
Serial Shot Mode Yes
Battery Model H-HS12035
Autofocus Yes
Changeable Lens Yes