Panasonic DMR-BWT800 DVD recorder reviews and price comparison

9 customer reviews

This DVD recorder is a good all rounder.

£20 at 1 retailer out of 422 retailers checked

8.7 out of 10 based on 9 reviews.
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Some customer reviews of Panasonic DMR-BWT800

Most helpful reviews

Tom, Smethwick

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Picture and sound quality
Bad points:
Too many menu steps for some functions
Overall rating 9.0
Ease of use 7.0
Image quality 10.0
Sound quality 10.0
Design 9.0
Value for money 10.0
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4 of 6 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 27 Oct 2011

Andrew, Bath Home cinema enthusiast

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Quality. Capability. Pratical.
Bad points:
Are there really any ...
Overall rating 9.0
Ease of use 8.0
Image quality 9.0
Sound quality 9.0
Design 8.0
Value for money 9.0
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Confirmed purchase: 14 May 2012

Mark, Henley-on-Thames Bargain hunter

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
This is a good machine! 1. Image quality for HD especially, is excellent. 2. Upscaling is very good, and even shows up on pre-recorded DVD made on another, different Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder. 3. Great recording facilities, eg series record with real bonus of being able to add a bit of recording time before and/or after. 4. Recorded series are rearranged automatically into folders. 5. Neat function with record, where the alternative HD (if available) and SD channel choice for the same programme is shown. Lots of choice for recorded programmes to be saved/transferred to HDD and/or DVD. 6. Can move recorded material from HDD to DVD and vice versa. 7. Significant improvements on previous Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders (such as the DMR-EX75EB). e.g. clearer panel display, better EPG functions 8. IF you have VHS tapes to transfer to HDD/DVD, then providing you still have the VHS player of course, then you can do this, which is a real boon, and without expensive hardware, cables etc (it WILL take time: it will only do this in real time: i.e. a 3 hour VHS tape will take 3 hours). 8. I worried about potential fan/ HDD/DVD drive noise: unecessarily: it IS quiet. 9. To try and understand one of the functions, I called Panasonic Customer services, more in hope than expectation, and was VERY pleasantly surprised to speak to a knowledgeably member of staff who knew the machine functions well, and was able to help. 10. I have not tried the 3D capability yet. 11. Nice feature on the remote is to get it to control on/off, channel and volume on the (non Panasonic) TV - it only took 3 button presses to "teach" the unit to recognise my Sony TV. 12.This machine will record the raw data of a programme ("DR" quality), so that you can either leave as is, or manipulate its quality and hence file size on the HDD or DVD, later on. 13. Can use an impressive variety of disks for playback or recording. 14. Great connectivity: I have hooked up a TV, another (Sharp) PVR, Sony home cinema, and a VHS recorder (beware though: if you are this enthusiastic, it will take hours to set up and get right!!!! And you will probably need a SCART switch as well).15. Unlike my other (Sharp) PVR, I have not yet had to restart the machine because of freezing up. Panasonic seem to be good at machine runnability, as my other 2 Panasonics have only frozen a couple of times in 5 years or so. 16. Overall: a very good machine, albeit expensive. Must stop now!
Bad points:
This is a very very versatile machine, and the only one of this exact type on the market.... so in a way the complexity may put some off. NONE of the following should actually put you off though.
1.If you are seriously impatient, then the following may be offputting: the machine takes a while to boot up (it is a big computer, after all) - around 25 seconds.It also takes around 20 seconds to power down into standby. It is probably a very bad idea to switch off at the mains before powering down 2. The large "DIGA" grey areas on the EPG are an irritant, as they take up a fair amount of screen space but do not contain (as I feared they might), advertisements 3. While navigating the hours/days along the timeline on the EPG is as good as any other machine on the market in my experience (possibly faster), navigating down the channels from BBC1/ch1 to BBC News/ch80 can take lots of button presses! Get to use the page up/down key! This only helps a bit. Also once IN the EPG, you can't specify a channel on the keypad to "go to" that channel. IF you have experience of other Panasonic HDD/DVD recorders (such as the DMR-EX75EB), ignore this next bit, as the remote control functions are mercifully familiar: 4.There is no one menu key, so you really will have to spend a bit (not a lot) of time on the manual to get a feel for how to get from function to function, although once in the function, the progression to subfunctions is pretty intuitive. 5. The manual is very well written in terms of instructions to do specific tasks (particularly the cross-referencing of the individual tasks), but there are no overviews in plain language to help you to undestand what is available (which is a great deal), and the "why", rather than the "how" (which is dealt with well). It is a shame that there are no "tips" shown in each section to understand better, or get the best out of the machine. 6. Very sadly, unless you are a Youtube fanatic, and this is important to you, the Internet connectivity is very very limited. I ignored this, as I will get it from my TV instead. However, this is a seriously missed opportunity. Ouch! Setting up the Internet to my router, was however, very very easy and quick. 7. The sound cuts off (and the picture) when accessing the EPG. This shouldn't really be a problem (it's best to try and do one thing at a time, yes?). But it still feels odd. I suppose I could set up PIP with my TV..........
Overall rating 9.0
Ease of use 8.0
Image quality 10.0
Sound quality 9.0
Design 8.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 13 Jan 2012

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Product Features

Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 500.0
Playback formats Blu-ray
Audio technology DTS
Audio technology Dolby Digital Plus
Upscaling Yes
Connections Wireless
Connections HDMI
Extra functions Electronic Program Guide
3D Yes
Freeview or Freesat tuner FreeSat HD
Number of scart ports 2
Type of memory card SD
Release date 2011-04-21

Also known as: DMR-BWT800, PANASONIC DMR-BWT800EB

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Panasonic DMR-BWT800 , DMR-BWT700 Remote Control
Panasonic DMR-BWT800 , DMR-BWT700 Remote Control £20 delivery cost may apply Go

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  • £20 at 1 retailer out of 422 retailers checked

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