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Panasonic DMC-G6 14-42mm and 45-150mm Twin Lens Kit reviews and prices: Compact system camera

LUMIX G Micro System Digital Camera G6 – Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera Featuring High Pictur... See full description.
  • Compact system
  • Mirrorless

Product Information

product description

LUMIX G Micro System Digital Camera G6 – Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera Featuring High Picture Quality, High Speed Response and Easy Sharing

The G6 with its refined Venus engine and New OLED Electronic Viewfinder builds on the success of the G5 but adds Wi-Fi network capabilities and a super-fast 7 frames per second burst shooting mode. In this Twin-kit option it comes supplied with two superb lenses, the H-FS1442A standard zoom and the H-FS45150 telephoto zoom lens.

Panasonic G6 LUMIX G
LUMIX G Micro Four Thirds System

World’s 1st Mirrorless System

By adopting the Micro Four Thirds System standard and developing a camera that eliminates the mirror box and optical viewfinder unit, Panasonic revolutionised the world of DSLR cameras in September 2008 by introducing the world’s first mirrorless camera. Delivering superb image quality, this made it possible to create a new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera that features Full-time Live View, high-speed, high-precision contrast AF, full HD video recording, and more.

Large LIVE MOS Image Sensor

The size and type of sensor was a critical part in the development of Lumix G. 8x larger than the sensor used in a typical compact camera, and large enough to capture all the light coming through the lens without bending or distortion. The Micro Four Thirds sensor is almost as large as a Digital SLR APS-C sized sensor, but is designed to match the lens mount aperture perfectly, allowing the light to enter the camera in a straight line.

Photo Quality

New 16MP LIVE MOS Sensor & Venus Engine Noise Reduction

The 16.0-megapixel Live MOS sensor and new Venus engine enable better resolution and high-definition textures. Three areas of advanced NR realise image smoothing in specific areas whilst maintaining natural detail. Sensitivity can now be extended to ISO25600 for extreme low light shooting.


Panasonic G6 LUMIX G
Send pictures over Wi-Fi to upload, save or print.
Built-in Wi-Fi for Enhanced Network Functions

The inclusion of Wi-Fi functionality adds a whole new level of control and convenience. This new functionality includes: Remote control by smartphone or tablet device. Automatic back-up of photos to a Wi-Fi enabled tablet. Playback, Print or Transfer your pictures to other networked devices in your home. You can even add the location to your pictures using the GPS function of the tablet or phone that the camera is linked with.

Remote Shooting & Remote View with Tablet or Smartphone

Use your Smartphone or tablet device to see the live image through the camera lens and then take the shot. Using the “Peer to Peer” or Wi-Fi function in the camera, the picture can be monitored externally and controlled remotely by a connected smart device*.

*Controlling device requires “Panasonic Image App” for iOS / Android.

Wireless NFC – World’s First for Interchangeable Lens System Camera

As a World 1st, Panasonic brings NFC (Near Field Communication) capability in to this system camera model utilising the latest smart communication technology. NFC compatible products can share or be ready to share data just by touching the two devices or bringing them close together.

Panasonic G6 LUMIX G
High resolution OLED electronic view finder with eye sensor.
Functionality and Ease of Use

1.04m pixels, 3.0 Inch, Free-angle, Touch Screen LCD

The ultra-high resolution touch screen LCD has a free-angle capability enabling low-level or high-angle shooting. And with new in-cell touch sensor technology that eliminates the need for a touch filter, the screen delivers improved visibility and up to 25% less power consumption.

High Resolution OLED Live View Electronic View Finder (EVF) With Eye Sensor

A new high resolution (1.44M dots equivalent), fast read-out OLED EVF is available on the G6 that not only offers an incredibly clear 100% field of view, but also reduces the display lag time to 1/3rd that of our previous model.

Touch-Pad AF Control

When using the Electronic Live Viewfinder the free-angle LCD screen doubles up as a touch-pad. This conveniently enables you to select or move the Auto Focus point without taking your eye off the viewfinder.

New Touch-AE Function

Simply touch an area on the screen where you want the exposure to be corrected and the adjustment is automatically made. Touch AE mode can be set to one of the function buttons for easy and quick access.

7fps High Speed Burst Shooting with Full Resolution

At full resolution it is possible to capture an incredible 7 frames per second or 5fps with Auto Focus Tracking enabled. With the new Ultra-high Light-speed AF provided by the Contrast AF system, even the fastest moving subjects can be captured sharply.

Panasonic G6 LUMIX G
Personalise your photos by choosing from 19 creative filter effects.
Creative Shooting Controls

19 Creative Effect Filters

Previous models have offered up to 14 creative filter effects that help you add a unique look to your photos in camera. 5 new effects have been added for 2013 making an industry leading 19 effects in all.

Panasonic G6 LUMIX G
In-camera photo editing to remove unwanted elements of your picture.
Clear Re-touch Mode

Your photos can be touched-up in camera with the new Clear Re-touch mode. Review your picture and remove unwanted parts of the image such as telephone lines or birds flying across your shot.

Creative Panorama Mode

The Ultra-wide shooting panorama mode not only allows you to capture vast landscapes in one complete picture, but this camera also offers “Creative Panorama” mode which allows you to choose from up to 15 filter effects that can be applied to your shot.

Video Capabilities

Panasonic G6 LUMIX G
AVCHD Progressive – capturing 50 progressive frames per second in Full HD resolution.
50P FULL HD Video Mode with AVCHD Progressive & Super High Bit Rate

The newly developed Venus Engine FHD supports the latest AVCHD Progressive video recording format. Capturing 50 progressive frames per second in Full HD resolution at up to 28Mbps (previously possible only on video cameras).

New MP4 50P FHD Video Recording Mode

Video recording has been improved on the G6 by offering Full HD 50p capture in either AVCHD or MP4. Also full manual exposure control is added (PASM) enabling flexible control for the most creative video enthusiasts.

Full-time Auto Focus Available during Video Recording

Due to the mirrorless design and Contrast Auto Focus system, auto focussing is continuously available during video recording.

Stop-motion Animation Mode

Endless fun can be had by creating your own stop-motion movies. Create a whole new world of motion by positioning your subject, shooting a still frame, then repositioning it and shooting again.

Time-lapse Shooting Mode

Time lapse recording enables the user to capture an event spaced over a long period of time, in a video sequence that you only want to last a few seconds, such as the opening of a flower or the setting of the sun. Shooting intervals between 1 sec and 99 mins 59 seconds can be selected.

Panasonic GF6W
Great performing twin lens option for day to day still or video shooting.
High Quality Twin Kit Lens Option

LUMIX G VARIO 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 ll ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. & LUMIX G VARIO 45-150mm / F4.0-5.6 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S.

Supplied as a high performance twin lens kit, the H-FS1442A is a standard zoom lens that combines compactness with high optical performance. The addition of the H-FS45150 telephoto zoom with its UHR (Ultra High Refractive Index) lens, two Aspherical lenses, stepping motor “silent design” HD video performance and Mega OIS make this a powerful kit bag starter package.

The Largest Range of Compatible Interchangeable Lenses

Whatever photo opportunity arises, the growing number of creative lenses available for the Micro Four Thirds System ensures that you won’t miss out. Over 30 models from manufacturers such as Olympus, Sigma, Leica and, of course, Panasonic are already available with more being added regularly. This makes it the largest lens line-up for a mirrorless camera system.

product specification
Camera Type Compact system
Camera Type Mirrorless
Screen size 3"
Media format SD storage
Media format SDHC storage
Media format SDXC storage
Manual Focus Yes
Weight (g) 340g
Flash Yes
WiFi Yes