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Orbitsound M9 reviews

Orbitsound M9 SoundBar Compact High Performance Spatial Soundbar with Compact Wireless Subwoofer and Blueto... See full description.
  • Soundbar
  • Wireless

Product Information

product description

Orbitsound M9 SoundBar Compact High Performance Spatial Soundbar with Compact Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth

The Orbitsound is a soundbar and subwoofer that delivers the biggest sound from the smallest package of any system available today. For listening to music or TV sound from a second room or smaller TV set, the Orbitsound M9 powers out startling high definition sound from it’s incredibly small footprint.

Spatial sound
At Orbitsound, sound comes first. Orbitsound’s Spatial Sound Technology (SST) uses side firing speakers and proprietary sound encoding to radiate sensational sound throughout the room. The M9 creates a spatial sound environment that fills your space, so ALL listeners enjoy the soundscape wherever they are sitting. The Orbitsound system provides a truly smooth and wide spatial image that can be enjoyed from anywhere around the soundbar – everywhere is the sweet spot.

M9 subwoofer
The M9 comes with a high power, low profile, high speed wireless digital subwoofer. It’s the power of the subwoofer that enables the compact M9 to create such a high definition wide-band sound. The ultra-low latency of the 2.4GHz subwoofer connection means that the sound is in-sync with the soundbar, delivering a seamless sound, yet with the flexibility of wireless operation, and the high fidelity of a lossless digital connection. The subwoofer is slimline, and can be positioned anywhere within 8 metres of the soundbar (completely out of sight if required). The volume of the subwoofer can be independently set by a volume control on the subwoofer itself, and further can be remote controlled through the soundbar. The subwoofer can operate on 1 of 10 channels ensuring compatibility with any other wireless equipment in the home.

product specification
Type of speaker Soundbar
Wireless or wired speakers Wireless
Active or passive speakers Active speakers
Number of speakers 2 speakers
Power (W) 200W
Height in cm 9.5cm high
Width in cm 30.0cm wide
Depth in cm 9.7cm deep