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Norco Search Ultegra (2015) reviews

By increasing tube profile dimensions in proportion with frame size, Norco engineers are able to calibrate ... See full description.

Product Information

product description

By increasing tube profile dimensions in proportion with frame size, Norco engineers are able to calibrate frame stiffness to the weight of the prospective rider. This ensures that a heavier rider on a larger frame will experience the same ride characteristics as a lighter rider on a smaller frame. Though the process is labour-intensive, the result is worth the effort: optimal ride characteristics, performance and comfort to all riders.

The Search features a full carbon fork with a pronounced rake that extends beyond a trailing dropout. This distinctive design feature helps to deflect road vibrations before they reach a rider’s hands. The fork’s 15 mm thru axle delivers awesome front end stiffness for enhanced responsiveness and cornering ability, ensuring the Search will hold a line and go wherever it is pointed – even when the terrain gets rough.

The fully proprietary GIZMO system features two-piece GIZMO plugs that create a tight seal, blocking water and debris from entering the frame. GIZMO plugs pinch and hold cables firmly in place, preventing any rattling at entry and exit points. They also enable the rider to pull cables taught so that they can be prevented from rattling around inside the frame.

Applied Road Compliance (ARC) technology delivers comfort-enhancing vertical compliance, effectively dampening road vibrations before they reach the rider. Bowed seat stays, arcing chain stays, tapered seat tube, 27.2 mm seat post and fork with pronounced rake and trailing dropout all work together to isolate the rider from fatiguing road chatter.

We use only the highest quality materials – right down to the resin that holds everything together. Our superior quality ArmorLite resin produces an exceptionally strong bond that enhances frame strength and increases impact resistance. It is so efficient that less of it is required – enabling us to produce carbon frames that are both stronger AND lighter than those manufactured using conventional resins.

Norco’s Power Chassis Design gives the Search its responsiveness and explosive acceleration. An ultra-efficient power transfer system characterized by dramatically oversized tubing from head tube to chain stays, the Power Chassis converts energy from a rider’s whole body into forward momentum. Anchored by a 142×12mm rear thru axle, the Search’s Power Chassis enables the rider to go further, faster.

The Search frame was ground-up designed around the disc brake solution. Disc brakes deliver exceptional stopping power and controlled modulation in all weather conditions, enabling riders to apply the exact amount of braking force required in any situation. The result? More control and more confidence – no matter the terrain. Discs also afford greater tire clearance for compatibility with wider, more capable tires.

Norco’s SmoothCore process enables us to maintain precision control over all of the inner surfaces of our carbon frames, which is particularly critical at complicated, high-stress areas like the head tube and bottom bracket junctions. At the heart of SmoothCore is our innovative mandrel system.