Neff B16E74GB Electric Oven reviews

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This oven is a good all rounder.

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Product Features

Construction Built-in
Fuel Electric
Oven cavity Single
Main heating type Convection or conventional
Cooking program No
Extra functions Display
Extra functions Clock
Type of self cleaning Catalytic
Energy efficiency A
Height in cm 60
Depth in cm 55
Width in cm 60
Release date 2009-03-30

Also known as: Neff Series

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Manufacturer's Description

“Neff’s unique revolution handle is ergonomically designed to make opening and closing your oven easy and safe.”

As you open your oven door, the Revolution handle rotates towards you in a smooth, circular motion. Once the door’s fully open, it stays fully visible at the top of the door. Revolution handles are safe and convenient, eliminating any awkward wrist movements.

Our unique SlideAway door facility fits smoothly under the oven to give you plenty of room as well as better access to the oven’s interior – ensuring an easy and flexible approach to your cooking needs.

Customer convenience underpins all our appliances and the SlideAway door is perfect example of this commitment. By sliding neatly under the oven as you fully open the door, it saves space in your kitchen and provides easy access to the inside of your appliance.

Recognising our customers’ need for maximum cooking space, Neff’s unique facility is now also available in full-sized single ovens with a 67 litre capacity. With the added advantage of a smoother closing mechanism to cushion the final closing space, the SlideAway door is safe, stylish and convenient.

FlexRail makes your oven more versatile. Its an internal rail and shelving system that means you can easily change and reconfigure your oven to accommodate different sized pans, dishes and roasting joints.

The Telescopic FlexRail system includes one pair of fully extendible telescopic rails which can be moved to a height thats right for whatever you happen to be cooking. You can put a wire shelf or roasting pan on these extendible rails, which means you can pull out the whole dish and then stir or baste without having to remove it from the shelf. It’s safer and easier than having to remove food from the oven entirely. This is perfect for heavy roasts and casserole dishes.

The rails move smoothly and have rear stop bars to keep them from tipping. You can buy more pairs of telescopic rails from our accessory shop to give you more flexibility.

We’re the first appliance manufacturer to introduce bright, effective halogen lighting inside our ovens. A unique feature, the NeffLight® lets you see exactly what you’re cooking without opening the oven door.

NeffLight® provides an increased level of effective internal lighting in all areas of your main oven, so you can see how your food’s cooking without opening the door and letting the heat escape.

Most ovens have an internal lighting system, but the effectiveness of the light is reduced. NeffLight® however directs bright, white halogen light on all three cooking levels, so you can see exactly how your meal is progressing whatever shelf level it is on. It is clear, accurate and extremely useful.

NeffLight® works by having two halogen spotlights positioned at the bottom edge of the oven. Using a system of mirrors within the door, strong light is thrown back into the oven at three different levels, so you can always keep a check on whats going on. A simple switch control automatically turns the light off when you open the door, so you won’t be dazzled.

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