Neff B14P42N3GB Electric Oven reviews

4 customer reviews
Photo of Neff B14P42N3GB Oven
  • Photo of Neff B14P42N3GB Oven
  • Photo of Neff B14P42N3GB Oven
  • Photo of Neff B14P42N3GB Oven
  • Photo of Neff B14P42N3GB Oven

This oven is a good all rounder.

£620 – £649 at 2 retailers out of 422 retailers checked

8.8 out of 10 based on 4 reviews.
Built-in oven See full product description

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Product Features

Construction Built-in
Fuel Electric
Energy efficiency A
Height in cm 59.5
Depth in cm 55
Width in cm 59.5
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Manufacturer's Description

The Neff B-14P42N3-GB Electric Oven completes your kitchen in a stainless steel finish and presents a fantastic array of cooking options with power to spare.

Better features and power

With its electronic control panel, silver temperature display and EasyClock, the B14P-42N3-GB is extremely simple and clear to use. Set and check cooking functions and times without a problem for excellent results every time.

Enjoy cooking time reductions of up to 35 to 40% with the CircoRoasting function, as well as handy defrost and rapid heat functions.

The automatic on/off programmer permits economical and convenient oven power setting to fit in with your lifestyle whilst saving power by not being on unnecessarily.

Enjoy a clear view and convenient, hands-free food checking thanks to the large glass viewing window and 40 W inner lamp, whilst keeping all that lovely heat within the oven.

The B14P-42N3-GB Oven also has a quadruple-glazed full-glass inner oven door that retains and reflects heat so your dishes are thoroughly, evenly and deliciously cooked.

4 shelf positions give maximum cooking flexibility and the durable QuickConnect shelf supports will withstand even the heaviest dishes and ingredients.

Awesome looks and construction

As well as totally delivering on the cooking and usability front, the B-14-P42N3-GB Electric Single Oven boasts a beautifully symmetrical design that’s enhanced by bevelled oval controls that can be retracted to maintain the flawless facade when not in use.

The smoothly-operating door benefits from a U-form design, its bevelled bar handle completing the look and making the oven totally easy to open and close.

It’s also incredibly energy-efficient with a Class A power consumption rating – you can save energy, with positive implications for your household bills and the environment.

Safety and care

The unbelievable pyrolytic cleaning function means this Neff single oven practically cleans itself, with spillages and food particles being burned away when the oven is heated to a certain temperature.

With its enamel interior coating, the B-4-P42N3G-B Single Oven can be easily wiped and swept down following pyrolytic cleaning for swift and sweat-free maintenance.

Things are kept safe with such essential features as a heating-up indicator, residual heat indicator, safety switch-off and a door lock function during pyrolytic cleaning. The oven controls are also fully lockable to prevent unwanted settings changes and operation.

Enjoy the unbeatable and advanced combination of space, features and safety offered by the Neff B-14P42N3-GB Electric Oven.

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Neff B14P42N3GB Single Pyrolytic Oven
Neff B14P42N3GB Single Pyrolytic Oven £649 delivery cost may apply Go

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