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Miele T8626WP tumble dryer reviews and prices: Vented Dryer

Miele’s new heat pump tumble dryer is the perfect choice for those who want an environmentally friend... See full description.
  • Vented
  • A rated

Product Information

product description

Miele’s new heat pump tumble dryer is the perfect choice for those who want an environmentally friendly and efficient dryer with reduced energy consumption.

Heat pump technology

This dryer uses a refrigerant that is condensed by a compressor and led in a closed circuit through a heat exchange unit where heat exchange with the circulating drying air takes place.

Because the transfer of energy is rapid and very efficient, energy consumption and running costs are about 46% lower than with a conventional Miele condenser tumble dryer*.

*Data obtained from tests using the Cottons programme.

Multi-stage filter system

There are fluff filters in the door and door opening as well as fine filters to trap any fluff, hair and detergent residues which may have got through the surfaces of the fluff filters. There is also a fine filter in front of the heat exchanger for added protection.

Gentle laundry care

The drying temperature has been reduced by about 25%* (compared to a conventional Miele tumble dryer) for all drying programmes, ensuring excellent care for all your laundry.

Miele’s heat-pump dryer is extremely quiet and gives off negligible amounts of condensate back into the room, making it ideal for use in a “living” kitchen environment.

Freshen up option

This option can be used to take the creases out of clothing, or to eliminate or reduce unwanted smells in clean clothing. The drying air is heated for a specific length of time and then the garments are aired without any more heat being added.

Miele drying basket (optional accessory)

The basket programme is great for drying items that are not suitable for drying using mechanical action, such as sports shoes and soft toys, as the drum does not rotate.

Gentle tumble

With this option drum rotation is reduced by about 30%* making it excellent for delicate garments and items that do not tolerate too much mechanical action.

*Data obtained from tests using the Cottons programme.

product specification
Type of dryer Vented
Energy efficiency A rated
Drum size 6kg capacity
Construction Freestanding
Type of loading Front loading
Type of drying control Sensor control
Start delay option Yes
Energy Savings Trust feature Yes
Height in cm 85cm high
Width in cm 59.5cm wide
Depth in cm 58cm deep
Display Yes
Display of remaining time Yes
Child lock Yes
Half load No
Number of programmes 8 programmes
Drying efficiency A
Heating system Pump heated
Release date 7 Oct 2008