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Miele G6905 reviews and prices: Semi Built In Dishwasher

This sophisticated semi-integrated Miele dishwasher has been engineered to lighten your workload while bein... See full description.
  • Semi Built In

Product Information

product description

This sophisticated semi-integrated Miele dishwasher has been engineered to lighten your workload while being kinder to the environment – and your wallet. Packed with eco-friendly features that make this one of our most economical dishwashers yet, you can look forward to lower energy and water consumption. Not only that, but its advanced features mean that you’ll find that this extremely quiet dishwasher fits seamlessly into your home and conveniently around your lifestyle.

Intuitively operated using sleek touch screen SensorTronic controls, this dishwasher has numerous functions that allow you to run cycles exactly when it suits you. Its innovative FlexiTimer doesn’t just let you set exact start and stop times – it also lets you programme in your energy tariff so that it can get to work at the times when energy is cheapest. It will tell you how long a cycle has left, automatically open the door when it’s finished so that dishes dry before you unload them, and there’s even a handy Short Wash programme for when you’re in a hurry. Its In Door Salt container makes it easy to add salt when needed, and Perfect Glasscare takes gentle care of delicate glassware by monitoring and adjusting water hardness automatically. This model boasts stunning BrilliantLight interior illumination that make it a visually striking feature in your kitchen.

Its A+++ energy rating has been earned by its numerous eco-friendly features, including EcoFeedback, which gives you information about power usage and data on energy consumption, and ThermoSave, which allows you to connect the dishwasher to a hot water supply to save up to 40% on energy. It’s features like this that help this dishwasher save you a fortune in energy bills over the 20 year lifespan that it has been tested for.

product specification
Construction Semi Built In