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Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 reviews

With Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 it’s easier and quicker than ever to create and share professi... See full description.
  • Windows 7
  • 1 GB Minimum

Product Information

product description

With Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 it’s easier and quicker than ever to create and share professional diagrams between individuals and teams.

What’s new?

Incorporating all the functionality ofthe standard 2013 software, Visio Professional 2013 has added some extra tools designed for use in professional business environments, including extra shapes, templates and styles, as well as enhanced team sharing capabilities.

Visio Professional 2013 has also been loaded with specially designed features for business and engineering diagrams, process diagrams, maps and floor plans, network diagrams and general software and database diagrams.

Intuitive templates

With over 60 built-in templates, bolstered with shapes and stencils, creating the perfect, professional looking diagram has never seemed so accessible.

Visio Professional 2013 has a host of tools that are tailored for your business diagram needs.

Create ITIL diagrams and pivot diagrams for business, sculpt accurate circuits for engineering processes, make maps and floor plans with plumping and wiring plans or design additional process diagrams, such as BPMN and SharePoint workflow.

There’s also a frequently used toolbar for fast access to the tools you rely on the most.

Working together

With Visio Professional 2013 you can streamline the team’s efforts and allow two or more people to simultaneously work on the same diagram, from one file.

From adding stencils to writing comments, you’ll receive visual indicators of what shapes others are working on and the saving process is seamless.

With one, single file, you’ll save time spent sharing your work over email and there’s even the option to merge multiple diagram versions together.

Data-linked diagrams

Visio Professional 2013 allows the linking of data to the most popular data sources including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server and Azure, Microsoft SharePoint Lists and Business Connectivity Services.

Through data linking you can quickly reveal patterns and meaning in your data with help from data graphics such as colourful icons and vibrant bar graphs.

You can enjoy live updates of your data by connecting it to a data programme, so your shapes will automatically update to reflect changes in your foundation data.

Easily receive and manage feedback

Because every opinion counts when you’re working in a team, Microsoft have made adding, deleting and responding to comments a seamless activity with Visio Professional 2013.

You can apply comments to specific shapes, so it’s clear to see what the comment is discussing, and there’s even the option to set up an Instant Messaging programme and link it to the diagram.

Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 also has sharing your diagrams covered – you can view and edit a diagram from any Windows 8 tablet and you can present the finished article in full detail on any web browser, accessible on any device.

product specification
Compatibility PC
Minimum Operating System Windows 7
Minimum RAM 1 GB Minimum