Microsoft Touch Mouse 3KJ-00019 reviews

3 customer reviews

This computer mouse is a good all rounder.

£14 – £62 at 2 retailers out of 419 retailers checked

6.7 out of 10 based on 3 reviews.
37.0, Width: 62.0mm See full product description
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Product Features

Height in mm 37.0
Width in mm 62.0
Depth in mm 120.0
Weight (g) 80
Type touch mouse
Connectivity USB
product_code 3KJ-00019

Also known as: Microsoft Touch Mouse [Black], Microsoft Touch Mouse [White]


Manufacturer's Description

Get the best of both worlds—the control and precision of a conventional mouse, blended with the fluid movement available in touch technology. Navigate Windows 8 seamlessly with additional gesture settings. Personalize your Touch Mouse experience with new gesture and scrolling customizations.

Tradition meets innovation and flexibility
Its contoured shape fits comfortably in either hand, and with built-in BlueTrack Technology, you can use it virtually anywhere. Learn new ways to navigate Windows, while still being able to use familiar point-and-click functionality.

Simple movements that create waves
Touch Mouse features a large touch-sensitive surface that responds to one-, two-, and three-fingered gestures that are optimized for PC use. You can select which gestures correspond to snapping, moving, minimizing and maximizing windows, and switching between tasks. Use a simple thumb sweep to move back and forth between pages. Plus, with horizontal and vertical scrolling, you can swiftly navigate long documents and websites.

Upgrading to Windows 8? Touch Mouse goes with you
In Windows 8, you can adjust how sensitive Touch Mouse is to your touch. Want faster motion reactions or quicker scrolling? You can increase Touch Mouse’s response to your movements. If you want to reduce the likelihood of unintentional mouse scrolling, you can easily decrease its surface sensitivity through Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center settings.

Windows 8 offers even more ways to customize your Touch Mouse, with a new set of gesture setting options. You want Middle Click? You got it. Just choose the option in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center and assign it to a gesture. Try out new gesture settings, or keep your existing settings and continue using your Touch Mouse as you always have.

One Finger – Manage Content
Slide or flick one finger to manage content. Slide in any direction to scroll. Flick in any direction to scroll quickly.
Two Fingers – Manage Apps
Slide two fingers to manage apps. Slide left to display Windows 8 charms: Search, Share, Devices, Settings. Slide right to switch through open apps. Slide forward/back to show app commands.
Three Fingers – Zoom
Slide three fingers to zoom. Slide forward to zoom in. Slide back to zoom out.
Thumb – Move through Apps
Slide right to go forward. Slide left to go back.

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