Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 PC Reviews: Windows 7 Home Premium Computer

3 customer reviews
Photo of Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 Desktop Computer
  • Photo of Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 Desktop Computer
  • Photo of Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 Desktop Computer
  • Photo of Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 Desktop Computer

This desktop computer is a good all rounder.

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8.7 out of 10 based on 3 reviews.
Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 with Intel ntel Core i7-2600K , 12GB of Memory and 1500GB Storage on Windows 7 Home Premium. DVD writer

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Customer reviews of Medion Erazer X5313D/7778

Most helpful reviews

Susan, Glenrothes

Score 8.0/10
Good points:
High performance for a good price
Bad points:
SSD is relatively on the small side
Overall rating 8.0
How easy to set-up 8.0
Software bundle 5.0
How easy to connect to internet 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 27 Aug 2012

Graham, Hastings Keen gamer

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
Quiet. Good graphics and fast response. Worked straight out of the box. Good manual, clear set up. Purchased Alienware in the past, as happy with this for value for money.
Bad points:
None evident hardware wise. As a games machine maybe should have Steam installed automatically. As with most machines no Outlook, again a nuisance.
Overall rating 9.0
How easy to set-up 10.0
Software bundle 7.0
How easy to connect to internet 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 27 Aug 2012

Alan, Milford Haven General user

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
The Erazer is well built with quality components, and out of the box scored 7.6 on the Windows Experience Index
with all the subscores equal which shows a well balanced system. It has what looks like a custom cooler and is pretty impressive, it doesnt get hot even under a big load.Overall I am well pleased with this system.
Bad points:
None at the moment but, perhaps the power supply might be a little light.
Overall rating 9.0
How easy to set-up 9.0
Software bundle 6.0
How easy to connect to internet 9.0
Value for money 10.0
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3 of 4 people found this review helpful

Confirmed purchase: 18 Aug 2011

Product Features

Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium
RAM (Gigabytes) 12
Hard disk capacity (Gigabytes) 1500
Processor brand Intel
Processor series ntel Core i7-2600K
Graphics card brand nVidia GeForce
Graphics card model number GTX560
Built-in disc drive CD-ROM drive
Built-in disc drive DVD writer
Built-in disc drive DVD drive
Connections Wireless
Connections Firewire

Manufacturer's Description

The Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 Desktop PC offers amazing performance and excellent graphics for anyone who wants an awesome desktop computer.

The Intel Core i7-2600K processor offers very quick processing, ideal for games or working in multiple programs. The huge 12GB of RAM will give you exceptional response times and ensure you computer runs smoothly; this can even be expanded to a whopping 16 GB.

Featuring a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 graphics card that will bring you the action thicker and faster than ever before, with HDMI output giving you stunning high definition visual effects when connected to a HD monitor.

A huge 1.5TB hard drive on the Erazer X5313D gives enough room to store an unthinkable amount of data, and a secondary 80 GB solid state hard drive offers you a reliable place to save any extra special files.

With WiFi and firewire you will be able to go online in the blink of an eye, whether its work or play you can enjoy all the internet has to offer.

The box includes a keyboard and mouse to get you started and Windows 7 Home Premium operating system allows you to easily use your Medion Erazer X5313D/7778 Desktop PC.

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