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Libratone Lounge reviews

Libratone Lounge is the ideal sound system for your living room thanks to AirPlay functionality. You can st... See full description.
  • Airplay Speakers
  • Wireless

Product Information

product description

Libratone Lounge is the ideal sound system for your living room thanks to AirPlay functionality. You can stream audio wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod or connect easily to your TV for a jawdropping 360° sound experience.

AirPlay connection gives you the freedom to move about as you please with your entire music library in the palm of your hand. Stream audio wirelessly and effortlessly you’re your iOS devices and PC. Play music wirelessly from wherever you are in your home as long as your Wi-Fi network is functional and within reach of your speaker.

Apple Lossless technology also ensures a faultless transfer. Once the AirPlay is set up, all you need to do is make sure Libratone Lounge is turned on. It starts playing, when you press play. Remember: In our world wireless always trumps wires, so the audio you stream overrules the mini-jack connection.

Libratone Lounge is designed to take the puny sound of your TV set and turn it grand. Connect your TV and Lounge with a 3.5 mini jack/digital mini plug cable and bring new life to your TV experience.

Designwise, Libratone Lounge will fit like a glove underneath your flatscreen. You can hang it on the wall, put it on the ground or place it on a shelf – it won’t affect the quality of the audio.

High-end components such as ribbon-based tweeters along with digital signal processing and digital amplification give you premium sound. Libratone Lounge works like an acoustic instrument filling the entire room with sound. The tweeters and midrange drivers disperse sound in different directions, reflecting it off the walls, providing 360° sound.

PlayDirect is a Libratone feature designed to make wireless streaming unlimited and easy to use. Consequently, PlayDirect needs no prior set-up. When you have a speaker and a compatible music device at hand you are good to go. Just go to your Wi-Fi connections and choose the “Libratone” network on your device. Then press the AirPlay icon and hit Play in the music player menu.

By downloading an app you’ll be able to optimize your sound experience. Simply feed the app with information and it automatically adjusts the sound to fit the room it’s in. The app allows you to enhance and customize the FullRoom experience. By feeding it information on the placement of your sound system, it automatically adjusts the sound to fit your room.

product specification
Type of speaker Airplay Speakers
Wireless or wired speakers Wireless
Power (W) 150W
Height in cm 22.0cm high
Width in cm 100.0cm wide
Depth in cm 12.0cm deep
Weight (kg) 12.0