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LG RC9055AP2Z tumble dryer reviews and prices: Condenser Dryer

The LG RC9055AP2Z 9kg Tumble Dryer is A++ energy rated, has a generous 9kg load capacity and a host of inno... See full description.
  • Condenser
  • A** rated

Product Information

product description

The LG RC9055AP2Z 9kg Tumble Dryer is A++ energy rated, has a generous 9kg load capacity and a host of innovative features to make your laundry experience truly effortless.

The LG Sensor Dry system continuously senses how much moisture is in the load by measuring humidity in the tub, allowing it to dry clothes perfectly, depending on the programme selected. Unlike most conventional Dryers, the LG Tumble Dryer tumbles the load as the drum turns from side to side, preventing tangling, reducing creasing and giving evenly dried clothes in the minimum amount of time.

The LG RC9055AP2Z has heat pump technology which gives a high volume of air at lower temperatures (55ºC) gently drying delicate fabrics, smoothing wrinkles and reducing shrinkage after drying. Heat pump tumble dryers are more efficient and more environmentally friendly than conventional tumble dryers, making the doing the laundry easier and saving you money.

There are 14 programmes including wool, delicate and sportswear and with 5 drying options, there’s a programme to suit your every need. Throughout each drying programme the LG RC9055AP2Z will auto-clean by running water over the condenser several times in each cycle, clearing trapped lint. This self cleaning function ensures a more efficient drying cycle.

LG Tumble Dryers include a drying rack which allows you to dry your clothes flat, it is specially designed to dry fragile items such as woollens, delicates, sport shoes or even teddy bears. Just clip it inside the drum whenever you need it. For added convenience, a timer delay allows you to suspend the drying cycle start time by up to 19 hours, so your laundry fits into your lifestyle seamlessly, instead of you working around your laundry.

product specification
Type of dryer Condenser
Energy efficiency A** rated
Drum size 9kg capacity
Construction Freestanding
Type of loading Front-loading
Height in cm 85.0cm high
Width in cm 60.0cm wide
Depth in cm 64.0cm deep