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LG GBB539SWHWB reviews and prices: fridge freezer

Did you know that the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most whole house? Is on 24 hours a da... See full description.
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  • Free-standing

Product Information

product description

Did you know that the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes the most whole house? Is on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! With LG, you can save on the electric bill because, thanks to the Smart Inverter compressor, the refrigerator more energy efficient, quieter, and increases durability, given that automatically adjusts its speed according to the ambient temperature. The durability and reliability of its Smart Inverter Compressor, make LG offers you a guarantee of 10 years.

With the Multi Air Flow System LG, cold air circulates through multiple outlets, ensuring rapid cooling, uniform and efficient, and maintaining the freshness of your food; especially fruits and vegetables, for much longer.

Uniform cold: The temperature distribution is 76% better than hybrid systems No Frost. With the help of Multi Air Flow, cold air evenly and steadily distributed to every corner of the refrigerator.
Cool food 1h and 57 min faster !: The LG Total No Frost system reduces temperature faster, although temperate put food in the refrigerator.
Without having to thaw: frost-free interior is more hygienic, no odor and consumes less energy.

The LED lights illuminate every corner of your refrigerator emitting less heat than conventional light, giving a luminosity 47% higher than conventional, and giving a greater feeling of spaciousness inside. And besides, when LED lasts up to 12 times longer than a conventional light.

Display inside allows regulate temperatures independently, both the refrigerator and freezer. In addition, you can activate the quick freezing, and ECO mode.

product specification
Freezer position Bottom
Construction Free-standing
Energy efficiency A* rated
Width in cm 59.5cm wide
Height in cm 190cm high
Depth in cm 68.6cm deep
Net capacity refrigerator 236 Litres
Net capacity freezer 114 Litres