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LG F14U1QDN0 reviews and prices: Free-standing 7kg capacity washing machine

Energy saving TurboWash function provides a powerful wash to remove those stubborn stains that seem impos... See full description.
  • Free-standing
  • 7kg capacity

Product Information

product description

Energy saving

TurboWash function provides a powerful wash to remove those stubborn stains that seem impossible. Fast & Clean with TurboWash integrates a jet spray feature to reduce washing times and save energy so you end up with cleaner clothes at the end of each wash.

Brilliant wash performance for cleaner clothes

The 6 Motion Direct Drive incorporates a unique design that uses different drum motions or a combination of motions depending on the wash programme you choose. When this is combined with a controlled spin speed and the ability of the drum to rotate both left and right, the wash performance of the machine is greatly improved, giving you perfect results every time.

Efficient washing

If you want a powerful yet quiet washing machine, the LG F14U1QDN0 is the one for you. With its Direct Drive Motor, the belt and pulley is eliminated so the new drive system increases the motors efficiency and cuts down the amount of energy used with each wash.

This high-performance motor also reduces noise levels and makes your washing machine far less susceptible to breakdowns so you spend less money in the long run.

You get complete peace of mind when purchasing the LG F14U1QDN0 Washing Machine as all Direct Drive washing machines come with a 10 year warranty on the motor and all its parts as standard.

Use your smartphone to control your washing

This snazzy feature enables you to use your NFC enabled phone to download washing programs such as Wool, Baby, Care and Cold Wash. When you’ve downloaded these programmes, you can apply them to your machine by touching your phone to the NFC Tag On Symbol so that controlling your brand new machine becomes effortless.

The new full touch control helps operating the F14U1QDN0 washing machine a simple and enjoyable process. You can sort out the majority of issues yourself with the Smart Diagnosis feature. Using NFC technology you can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Users without NFC capable devices can also benefit from this feature using digital tone messaging through a regular phone.

With the LG F14U1QDN0 Washing Machine, you will be able to get excellent results with every wash whilst having the freedom to tailor the machine to suit your needs.

product specification
Construction Free-standing
Drum size 7kg capacity
Energy efficiency A*** rated
Width in cm 60cm wide
Height in cm 85cm high
Depth in cm 70.5cm deep
Noise level 52 decibels
Spin efficiency B