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LG 32LX2R TV reviews and prices: 32" HD Ready LCD screen

LG has an extensive flat TV range, with a mix of plasmas and LCDs. One of the latest models to join the Ko... See full description.
  • 32"
  • LCD screen

Product Information

product description

LG has an extensive flat TV range, with a mix of plasmas and LCDs. One of
the latest models to join the Korean
maker’s extensive ranks, the 32LX2R looks
like the perfect mid-sized LCD candidate,
boasting a set of features that ensure it’s
ready for the flat future.
Topping the future-proof list are both
HDMI and DVI inputs, which means that the
32LX2R can be hooked up to not one, but
two, high-definition sources – a Sky HD
box and a digital-outputting DVD player,
for example (supported by the screen’s
1,366 × 768 resolution). LG hasn’t skimped
on analogue connections either, and these
comprise component video and two RGB
Scarts, as well as the usual S-video and
composite video fallbacks.
The XD factor
Other features are plentiful and include LG’s
proprietary XD Engine processing, which
should tinker with the picture to provide the
optimum performance with DVI or HDMI.
There’s even an ‘Intelligent Eye’, which
continually optimises pictures according to
the images on-screen and the lighting
conditions in the room. The usual manual
picture adjustments are also available, along
with a picture-in-picture mode.
The 32LX2R has a built-in TV tuner, but
unlike on Sony’s same-sized KDL-V32A12U,
it’s not a Freeview digital model. While this
means that the LG isn’t quite the forwardthinking
all-rounder we thought it was,
however, it’s really a minor grumble –
particularly if you’re planning to hook the
screen up to the aforementioned HD Sky box.
When it comes to aesthetics, the LG’s
chunky frame surround – combined with its
large, swivelling tabletop stand – means it’s
larger than the other 32in sets in this test.
Still, the black-gloss finish helps it to look
more upmarket and, thankfully, that blue
neon light beneath the screen can be
switched off.
Analogue eye-sore
Sadly, however, pictures from the analogue
TV tuner are considerably more offensive
to the eyes. The LG struggles with such
low-resolution material and images are
frequently blocky and unresolved, with a
good deal of graininess and fizzing that
actually makes lower-quality American
broadcasts difficult to watch. That XD
Engine processing clearly does little to
help in this area.
However, DVD pictures via the digital
inputs or high-quality analogue connections
fare significantly better. First on the tick list
is that colours are both vibrant and natural
from The Matrix Reloaded – no small feat
considering the movie’s tricky palette.
Its the LG’s black levels that are the
most striking, though – the set manages
to go extremely deep, but still show an
impressive amount of depth and detail in
the darkness. This quality works well with
dimly lit sequences of our test disc, and
adds new levels of detail to Trinity’s shiny
black PVC costume.
There is one flaw, however. As with
analogue tuner material, there’s some
fizzing and graininess during brighter
scenes – such as the slow-motion motorway
stunt sequences. But this is fairly minor,
and doesn’t significantly weaken the LG’s
cinematic picture qualities elsewhere.
As is so often the case, the 32LX2R’s
audio just can’t keep pace with its pictures.
Bass is weak, leaving The Matrix Reloaded’s
powerful soundtrack sounding a bit ‘thin’.
What’s more, the SRS WOW mode does little
to widen the soundstage.
We won’t go so far as to say the 32LX2R is
the perfect LCD. But while analogue TV and
audio aren’t strong points, its performance
with DVD and HD sources make this a great,
future-proof movie machine.

product specification
Screen size 32"
Type of screen LCD screen
3D No
HD TV HD Ready
Built-in disc player No Disc Player
Number of HDMI ports 1 HDMI port
Number of scart ports 2 Scarts
Connections DVI
Connections HDMI
Smart TV No
Frequency 50Hz
Response time 8 Milliseconds
Screen aspect ratio 16:09 screen format
Contrast Ratio (X:1) 1200:1 contrast
Reflection angle 178 degree viewing angle
Horizontal resolution 1366 Pixels
Vertical resolution 768 Pixels
Brightness 350 Candela per square metre
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Yes
Headphone Socket Yes
Weight (kg) 11.2
Release date 1 Apr 2005