Indesit IT50CAS Electric cooker reviews

9 customer reviews
Photo of Indesit IT50CAS Cooker
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  • Photo of Indesit IT50CAS Cooker

This cooker is a good all rounder.

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7.2 out of 10 based on 9 reviews.
Indesit IT50CAS: 60.0cm wide Electric cooker with a . See full product description

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Some customer reviews of Indesit IT50CAS

Most helpful reviews

Derek , Crawley Down, Family cook

Score 5.0/10
Good points:
Reviewer left no comment
Bad points:
You have a serious safety problem. Your operating procedures stipulate that the grill compartment door must always be fully open when using the grill. This pull-down door has two exposed sharp corners on the top. In the first week of operation of the oven my knee contacted with one of these corners and I received a deep gash through my trousers. Today I walked into the corner and received another gash to my leg. I cannot argue too strongly the point that something must be done to make safe these lethal corners, considering the fact that the process of cooking involves the handling of hot liquids and containers.
It is a pity that a good piece of kitchen equipment should be downgraded due to a serious design fault.
Overall rating 5.0
Ease of use 5.0
Design 3.0
Performance 6.0
Features and programmes 5.0
Value for money 5.0
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Confirmed purchase: 30 Aug 2015

Jane, Bath Occasional cook

Score 9.0/10
Good points:
When you've had the rings on and switched off a red light reminds you that it could still be hot. And it was installed for me so no worries.
Bad points:
Having to turn oven on for first time on high to burn off the manufactories coating inside the oven, it smelled awful.
Overall rating 9.0
Ease of use 9.0
Design 9.0
Performance 9.0
Features and programmes 7.0
Value for money 8.0
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Confirmed purchase: 17 Apr 2015


Score 10.0/10
Good points:
my wife can use it as well as me
Bad points:
Reviewer left no comment
Overall rating 10.0
Ease of use 10.0
Design 10.0
Performance 10.0
Features and programmes 10.0
Value for money 10.0
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Confirmed purchase: 06 Feb 2015

Product Features

Fuel Electric
Width in cm 60.0
Energy efficiency B
Height in cm 90.0
Depth in cm 60.0
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Manufacturer's Description

The Indesit IT50CAS Cooker comes in a anthracite colour. The IT50CAS has a B energy rating. This Cooker has a electric conventional oven oven.

The IT50CAS main cavity capacity is 58 litres, which means plenty of space to cook for larger families.

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