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Hotpoint TVFG65B6G tumble dryer reviews and prices: tumble Dryer

The Hotpoint Futura TVF -G65B6G Tumble Dryer looks smart in a graphite finish, its versatile drying progra... See full description.
  • tumble
  • B rated

Product Information

product description

The Hotpoint Futura TVF-G65B6G Tumble Dryer looks smart in a graphite finish, its versatile drying programmes and generous load capacity helping you get more chores done.

Large and stylish tumble dryer
With a 6 kg capacity, the TVF-G65B6-G is up to the washing requirements of most households, adding a stylish graphite accent to your kitchen or laundry room.
You’ll love the flexibility afforded by the five-level sensor drying affords you, giving you more options to suit the different laundry requirements you’ll encounter with different fabrics.
Using sensor drying technology, the dryer evaluates the moisture and temperature levels inside the drum, detecting when the load is dry based on the choice of drying level you make. It’s both a convenient and highly energy efficient feature which ensures that the machine stops when the clothes reach the drying level selected.

Drying settings for all fabrics
The Hotpoint T-VFG65-B6G Dryer gives you a great range of options to dry and care for all manner of garments and household fabrics, ensuring their longevity and having them ready to use in less time.
Choose from Bed & Bath, Quick Dry, Jeans, Wool, Delicates, Lingerie, Baby Cycle, Cuddly Toys Cycle, Heat & Enjoy, Easy Iron, Refresh and Timed Drying according to your needs.
The Refresh cycle is a 20 minute cool programme that works on dry clothes to air and refresh them. It’s a great alternative to washing items you’ve only worn once or that have been unpacked from storage.
With the Anti Crease Care Option you can reduce creases in your laundry by selecting the Pre and/or Post Crease care option, which irregularly tumbles the load with no heat. It’s especially useful if you’re not available to unload the machine directly at the end of a cycle.

Practical clothes care every day
There a range of fantastic practical features in the TV-FG6-5B6G Tumble Dryer to help make your life easier.
Postpone the start of a cycle for up to 24 hours with the time delay function, so you can do your drying at a time that suits you. Keep tabs on cycle settings with the large, clear digital display with a time to end signal providing instant cycle feedback.
The on and off sound indicator lets you know when the machine is working and when it’s done so you can promptly unload it, and the Clean Filter indicator informs you when the filter needs attention so that you can maintain pristine dryer operation.
The Child Lock indicator displays when the child lock is in effect, so you know when it’s safe to operate the appliance while your little ones are about.

With the Hotpoint Futura TVF-G65B6G Tumble Dryer you’ll find laundry days so much easier.

product specification
Type of dryer tumble
Energy efficiency B rated
Drum size 6kg capacity
Construction Free-standing
Type of loading Front-loading
Height in cm 85.0cm high
Width in cm 59.5cm wide
Depth in cm 55.0cm deep
Noise level 69 decibels
Number of programmes 16 programmes
Drying efficiency B